Harold The Angel

  • Cast Number: 20
  • Run-time: 55 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2:8-14

Theme:            Harold the angel in training is looking for a job where he can serve mankind and he will take anything . .  well, anything except singing in the heavenly choir that is. His buddy, the angel Gabriel, agrees to help find Harold a place in which to serve and the result is, well, not what Harold had expected.
An easily staged five scene drama plus optional opening scene with little children singing carols

Bible Reference:         Luke 2:8-14


Cast:                20+

Harold: A boy angel could be age 10-18.
Gabriel: The archangel Harold friend and mentor. Man probably 20-30
Choir Director: The heavenly choir director. Older man.
Jesus: Silhouette - and Voice.
Messenger: Any age male or female, to make heavenly announcements.
God: Depicted by glowing light behind screen. Booming deep voice
Host of Heaven Choir: As many as available, (singing only).
Shepherds: As many as available
Mary: Young woman
Joseph: Young man
Baby Jesus: A wrapped doll will do
Jr. Choir Director and small children’s choir
Woman #1
Woman #2
Woman #3
If children or youth available use for shepherds, angels, and choir


Set:                  All scenes are in heaven, therefore blank set, some backdrops if available


Lighting:       as available, spotlight


Sound:           Trumpet sound


Music:            Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Away in the Manger, While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night, and Emanuel


Costumes:     likely traditional


Props:            Risers for Choir, Panel or curtain for Silhouettes, Sword for Gabriel, Scroll for messenger, trumpet or horn, Medallion, Card board sheep, and manger scene.


Time:             55


Sample of script:           


Pre-scene:  Have small children up on risers to sing simple Christmas carols.


Jr Director:      Okay, all you new little angels, if you want to be in Heaven’s Choir you need to start practicing today so let’s get started!


Kids sing their songs.


Jr. Director:     That was super!  I will tell the Choir Director that she can look forward to some very talented little angels in the near future!


Children go to their seats.


Scene 1: Heaven


Could have smoke for effect or spread angel hair on the floor

Harold is lying on his stomach with his head hanging off the edge of the stage gazing intently.

Gabriel comes on stage wearing a robe like other angels but with a special glittering vest to denote his rank and authority and a sword strapped to his side.

Gabriel sees Harold and crosses to him.


Gabriel:           Not again.


Harold, grins impishly:           
 Why Gabbie, what do you mean?


Gabriel, stern:  You spend all of your time watching people on earth.


Harold:            Yes, but just look at them. What a mess. All they do is destroy one another.


Lights down somewhat on stage, up on audience

A couple in the audience argue with each other


Husband:         Can’t you do anything right?  How many times have I told you NOT to sign me up to help at church?


Wife:                But dear…


Husband:         No “buts”!!!   You volunteer all the time…enough for the both of us.


Wife:                But I thought…


Husband:         I don’t care what you think….that’s the problem…you DON’T think!!


Lights move to other side of church to a group of women gossiping…


Woman #1:      Did you hear about Mary?  I can’t believe she did that!


Woman #2:      Well, I can!  She only pretends to be a Miss Goody Two Shoes!


Woman #3:      If I were Joe, I would dump her in a heartbeat.


Woman #1:      Can you believe the story she is telling everyone?


Woman #2:      As if anyone would believe it anyhow.  She is such a liar…


Woman #3:      Hey, did you hear about George?  I heard the other day that he….


lights go back to Harold on stage


Harold:            Look at the sickness, the pain, (painfully) the sin. There is no one to help them. Why doesn't God do something? Doesn’t he care Gabbie? It makes me so sad.


Gabriel:           God will do something, Harold. He’s God and you’re not. He knows what He is doing. You need to trust Him. 


Harold:            But when? They need help now. I don’t understand the delay. Sometimes I think I can’t stand watching all this pain and suffering.


Gabriel:           No one loves man more than God himself. You must be patient. Like I said before He has a plan, he knows what he's doing. Which reminds me, aren't you supposed to be at choir practice about now? The Choir Director is not going to be happy if you are late again.


Harold:            But Gabbie, choir practice is for sissies. I'm bored with it. I want to do something for mankind. I want to help ease their suffering and pain. I want to be a help to the poor, a strength to the weak, I want to do something big….real big for mankind….I don’t want to go to choir practice.


Gabriel:           Just like God has a plan to rescue mankind, God has a plan for Choir and a reason for you to be in it. You may not see it now but if you don't apply yourself, you may miss what God has in store for you. I don’t think you want to miss God’s mission, now do you?


Harold:            Oh, alright. I’ll do it but I’m not going to be happy about it. 


Gabriel:           That’s a good angel. Now off with you.
(Harold heads in wrong direction)
Uh, Harold? Yoo- hoo!  I think choir practice is the other way.


Harold, bummed:        
Oh yeah! OK. I’m just never going to understand why God thinks I need to be in the choir. Sissy stuff to me….just plain sissy stuff.


Gabriel:           As a matter of fact, I was heading that way myself. I’ll go with you….that way I know you’ll get there.


Harold:            Oh Gabbie….you’re no fun….might as well get this torture over with.


Gabriel:           Harold….let’s see a little more enthusiasm here. You know who is watching.


Harold:            OK. Since you put it that way.


Choir Dir, sarcastic:   
Well, Harold, we're so glad you could finally join us, (pause) late as usual. I don't know why you have been commissioned to the choir when you're nothing but trouble. You hear me…. Trouble! T-R-O-U-B-L-E. I have complained again and again and they still haven't removed you. I should . . .


Harold squirms on one foot then the other - looks at Gabriel for help


Gabriel, interrupts:      
Miss Director, you’re looking mighty angelic today. Sorry about Harold being late. Harold was with me and we just sort of lost track of time. I'm sure you can find it in your heart to forgive him, can’t you maam?


Choir Dir, still sarcastic:         
Again? Gabriel I don't know what you see in this boy. An angel of your stature shouldn't be bothered with this lazy boy when there are so many others so more deserving of your attention. Like Michael, now there is one fine, up and coming angel.


Gabriel directs Harold to his place on risers, Harold goes to back row, tries to hide behind others


Gabriel, exiting:          
Thank you Miss Director. I knew you would see it my way. Mark my words, Harold is going to be part of something very important one day and you'll be the one that trained him.


Choir Dir:        Part of something big indeed. Hmmph! I can't even get him to show up for choir on time. How in the world is he ever going to be part of something big? OK choir, where were we before everything in heaven had to stop for Mr. Harold? Oh yes, our theme song… from the top.


Choir sings “Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Harold begins to fidget, notices something offstage, sneaks off to take a peak, acts like he's going to return, gets closer and closer until he is lying on his stomach gazing at the world again

Choir Director notices Harold is gone, looks around and sees Harold, motions the choir to keep singing and sneaks over to Harold


Choir Dir, sarcastic:   
Fascinating isn't it?


Harold, totally engrossed:
Oh yes, it is fascinating. You see these people over here on this side are fighting with these people over on this other side. One side is saying the people on this side won but the other group of people are saying they won.  So many people have been hurt and killed I haven't determined how they can tell which side wins. Why do they always want to be the winners? Why can’t they all be winners? I just don’t understand.


Have two/three actors on each side of the church dressed in camo clothes with “bloody” gauze wrapped around their heads


Choir Dir, taps foot:   
What a pity!


Harold:            Yes, imagine all that pain and bloodshed just so they can say they won. They are in desperate need of help.


Choir Dir, yells:          


Harold, gulps:  Uh Oh. I think I’m in trouble now.


Choir Dir:        Uh oh is right young man. I should say you are in trouble.  What do you think you’re doing?
(Harold tries to answer)
Don't answer that!
(moves back in front of singers)
Since you're too busy to practice with the rest of us, I assume you know your part.


Harold, nervous:         
Yes, of course, Miss Director. Certainly.


Choir Dir, angry:
Good, then you won't mind showing the rest of the group how it's done, will you?


Harold:            Yes Miss Director. I mean, no Miss Director. I mean sure.


Choir Dir:        Well then from the top.


director gets ready to start


Harold:            You mean you want me to sing it by myself, . . . in front of everyone?


Choir Dir:        That is what we do in choir, we sing. Now from the top.


Harold very nervous, sings Hark the Herald Angels terribly, squeaky voice, messes up words


Choir Dir:        Stop! Stop! That's enough. There's no need to punish all of us because of your lack of discipline. Harold, you are hopeless. I cannot imagine what God was thinking of when he assigned you to choir. I want you to come one hour early tomorrow to work on your part. There is no point in making everyone suffer just because you can’t come to practice on time and don’t have a clue what you are doing. OK, Choir dismissed. That's all I can take for one day. Out of here and Harold, DON’T BE LATE TOMORROW. You hear me?


Harold:            Yes, maam.


Harold, relieved, races off stage


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