Be Like Jesus

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 4:13

Theme:            We do a lot of talking about being like Jesus. But what does that really mean and how do we really do it? Can be puppet or standard drama, with suggested music.


Bible Reference:          Ephesians 4:13


Cast:                3
Mrs C, leader
Gloria, puppet or young child
Percy, puppet or young child


Set:                  puppet stage if used as puppet script, otherwise blank


Sound:             Music: He’s Still Workin’ On Me   Joel Hemphill


Costumes:       standard


Props:              suitcase (if puppet script)


Special Instructions:   


Time:              15 minutes (with song)


Sample of script:


Option I – Puppet Script


Mrs C comes onstage carrying a suitcase, Percy & Gloria inside, their voices offstage


V of Percy:      Hey, hey, careful with the merchandise here.


V of Gloria:     Sorry Mrs C but Percy is right, I think maybe I got me a big bruise on my . . .


Mrs C mimes almost trips, tips the suitcase


V of Gloria:     Woooooo Hoooo! . . .Now that did sting!


V of Percy:      No big thing there Gloria, so you got a sting! . .  Me I got a triple tonsorial wind down fracture of the left coordinate.


Mrs C:             Sorry guys, I almost tripped and I . .


V of Percy:      Fine, you almost tripped . . .   but me, I am likely maimed for life.


V of Gloria:     Oh Percy, you are goin’ on like you are on your last legs and you . . .


V of Percy:      A lot you know Gloria! . . . For all you know there might be gallons of my blood running all over the floor in this Personnel Carrier! . . .
But nobody can see in here on account of someone . . . didn’t remember to install some lights in here . .  and I am not gonna name names but I can tell you her name starts with Mrs and ends with C!


V of Gloria:     I can’t deny lights would have been a nice touch.


Mrs C:             Fine guys, we are here . . . time to get out of the Personnel Carrier and out to do what we came to do.


Mrs C takes Percy & Gloria out of suitcase and in position


Option II – Regular Dialog Script


Mrs C & Gloria come on stage, Percy drags his way on stage, moaning & complaining


Percy:              Are we finally here. That was like the longest walk ever and I . . .


Gloria:             Oh suck it up buttercup! . . . We walked like a hundred feet across a concrete parking lot!


Percy:              Exactly Gloria, and are you aware of the damage to ankles, knees and hip joints on un-forgiving concrete? . . . I need to protect this wonderful athletic body of mine!


Gloria:             Give me a break Percy. All the athletics you get is watching ESPN on TV.


Percy:              I am scouting the field for the sport that best uses my athletic gifts.


Gloria:             Your athletic gifts are just the sports socks your mom gives you at Christmas.


Percy:              OK Gloria but you will be singing another tune when someday you see my name on the Stanley Cup.


Gloria:             I don’t think the National Hockey League puts the photographer’s name on the cup.


Percy:              Mock me if you will. . . . But it will be I who has the last laugh.
(to Mrs C)
Mrs. C, you know me well, explain to Gloria, the skeptic, my athletic prowess.


Mrs C:             Did you guys see all the weather today?


Gloria:             Good dodge Mrs C.


Mrs C:             OK guys, enough of that. let’s get ready!


BOTH OPTIONS (puppet or dialog script) from this point on


Percy does exercises, puffing from the exertion, Gloria watches, confused


Gloria:             Would you mind just telling me what exactly you are doing Percy?


Percy:              Well I heard we are here on a big, heavy project so me, I’m gonna get in the best shape ever.


Gloria:             What’s this big, heavy project?


Mrs C:             Well it for sure is a big project, not really heavy, but real important for sure.


Percy, thinks:   Let’s see, big project, not really heavy, but real important . . . lets see . . (thinks, gets an idea)  . . . Hey I got it! . . . We are going to make pink pistachio ice cream! . . (excited) . . . Yah! . . . I love it!


Gloria, joy:      Wonderful, I love pink pistachio  ice cream and I . . .


Mrs C:             Well I like pink pistachio ice cream too, but that’s not why we are here.


Gloria:             Awwww too bad . . . What then are we here for Mrs C?


Mrs C:             We are here to tell people some things about Jesus.


Percy:              Well, guess that’s a good and awesome thing but, I gotta tell you, most folks already know all about Jesus.


Gloria:             Yeh Mrs C, think Percy’s got you there. Seems like all folks got that covered, they know about Jesus.


Mrs C:             Yes, most folks know some things about Jesus but they mostly don’t know the best thing about Jesus.


Percy:              OK, interesting, but what would that maybe be?


Mrs C:             Well, when Jesus was here on earth he taught the people lots and he walked with people, talked with people and he lived among them.


Gloria:             Hey that must’a been way cool!


Percy:              Yeh Gloria sure would be cool. . .  Wish I could’a lived back then and I for sure would know a bunch of what a fella oughta do.


Mrs C:             Well that’s true it would have been nice, but Jesus left us lots of instructions about what we ought to do to be like him.


Percy:              Hey I would just love to get my hands on those instructions.


Mrs C:             Well, we do have that, its called the Bible. And in the Bible we can read the instructions that Jesus left us so we can live like Jesus lived, do like Jesus did, and even to teach others like Jesus taught.


Gloria:             Wow, now that would be awesome stuff to know.


Percy:              Exactly which book in the Bible has all that “do like Jesus, live like Jesus and teach like Jesus” stuff?


Mrs C:             That information is in every book in the New Testament. 


Gloria:             I wonder if I missed that part?


Percy:              Maybe some examples of exactly what he said?


Mrs C:             Well it wasn’t just what he said, Jesus showed by what he did as well.  . ..  Remember how Jesus’ parents found Jesus in the temple, talking to the priests and the teachers, reading the scrolls? . . . And since Jesus read those Biblical writings it shows we need to read the Bible as well.

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