Guard The Gates Of Your Garden

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 1 minutes
Poetess Betty Jean Cleland has written this short poem about spies, skulkers, tricksters which roam about in the gardens of your life.
Can be done as a skit or a monologue.
Man or woman dressed in medieval costume or biblical costume with a lantern up in a high tower over looking a garden. Or reader could be walking around with a lantern around the garden.
As a skit there could be a reader behind scene or off to side watching the scene...
Woman up in tower and the devil skulking about in the garden.

Cast: 1 - 3

Sample of script:

Fair tales you maiden of old
Mocking birds flock at your window
Chattering, chattering
Don't let the scent of spring flowers overpower you
Keep watch!
Guard the gates of your garden!

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