Students Prayer

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 6:9

"Using" Prayer, making deals with God.
God enters the picture when the student has exhausted all other excuses not to study. The conversation leads to the idea that maybe he does have time to study if he starts now. A gentle comedy about the concept that prayer requires some action on our part.

Sample of script:

Student is preparing for exam. Blank set is all that is needed.

Student: Man, am I beat! Fourteen hours straight, cramming for finals! If I had known that med school was going to be this, I would have opted for my second choice occupation – dishwasher at the Drop-In Diner! (stretches, yawns)

Whew! Feel like I’ve been run over by a Mack truck! And I still haven’t studied physics. But, I simply can’t hack any more tonight. I’ve got to get to bed! I guess we’ll just have to wing it on the “Let Physics Be Your Friend” exam! I’m outta here! Time to hit the sack.

(lays down on bed)

Whew, thank goodness! I didn’t realize how good it feels to actually lay down!

(tosses and turns)

Physics! Last physics exam I got 38% Didn’t study for that one either! Prof told me a good mark on the next exam would be crucial. But, look, I can’t stay up all night, I have to have my rest! OK, gotta get some shut-eye.

(lays for a minute then starts to toss and turn again)

If I blow this exam my whole year is down the tubes! Man, I wish I’d studied during the semester! This last minute cramming sucks!


You know, I’m starting to sound like my dad! But, anyhow, too late to worry about that now! But next semester you just watch! I’ll be studying right from the git go


I guess that’s what I said last semester too, wasn’t it? But this time, I am serious!


And, I guess I said that last semester too, didn’t I? Look, what am I supposed to do? I can’t pass the exam without studying, and it’s too late to study now! And I was actually supposed to go out with my friends tonight, too!


Bet those guys are having a ball tonight, all of my friends, out on the town! Wish I was there with them.


I suppose I wouldn’t be in this mess if I had spent more time during the semester studying, rather than having fun with my friends. But, look, a guy’s gotta have some fun too, can’t work all of the time! (pause)

But, then, I guess you can’t party all the time if you want decent grades, either. Oh, well, too late to worry about that now. Might as well get some sleep.

(lays still for moment, then starts to toss and turn again)

I’m really out to lunch if I don’t get a good grade on this one. Have to sit out a year before I come back to university.


Maybe might be good, a year to grow up.


Yeh right! A useless year out of my life, that’s what! And I’ll have to start paying back my student loans. Big chance! Paying my loans from a minimum wage job as a dishwasher! Sheeeesh! Now, I’m, really in a jam! Cindy’s going to say “told you so”. I can just hear little sister right now! “How can a person like you be so lucky, and yet so dumb! You’re brilliant, you’re a brain, but you’re dumb! You simply won’t buckle down and study, will you?” What does Cindy know, she has to work hard for every good mark she makes in school.


You know, I envy her in a way! Maybe if I was like that, I would apply myself more.


“Apply myself!” Man, I am starting to talk like dad! (pause)

What am I going to do? Not time to study, and unless I study, I don’t have a prayer!



Maybe that is my only hope. Prayer.


Nah! I haven’t been real close to God lately. Lately? Make that years. Ever since I left home. Haven’t been in church in, (thinks), wow! I didn’t realize it was that long.


Used to be I’d pray about everything, seemed like! I wonder if . . . .(pause)

I don’t even remember what I’d say, . . . something about “Heavenly Father” . . .

Voice of God: Yes.

Student (jumps out of bed) Hey, what was that? Who’s that?

Voice of God: It’s me, your Heavenly Father. You called to me. I answered. It’s a God thing that I do.

Student: Hey, wait a minute! Somebody’s pulling my leg here! Hey, Frank, is that you? Jeremy! How’d you guys do that?

Voice of God: No, it definitely isn’t Frank, or Jeremy, either! Your so-called friends are out, painting the town green, I believe you call it.

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