Rooted in Prayer

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Jeremiah 17:8

A comedy has a group of vegetables out in the garden, living the good life. Along the way they realize how being planted in God’s earth, roots deep in his goodness, rooted in prayer, is so essential to life.
Includes 3 short original songs, 2 silly and 1 serious

Cast: 6
(Stringbean, Potato, Tomato, Lettuce, Peanut and Sunflower)

Costumes: all actors are dressed up as vegetables (may be full costume or just a hint of that character)

Sound: There are three songs written for this drama.
Two are parodies written to “Down in the Valley”
One is a silly song with absolutely no tune to it
The third song is a serious song written specifically for this drama:
“As I Think of My God” Copyright DramaShare 2009. MP3 music and fake line sheet music for this song can be downloaded by DramaShare members from “TECHNICAL HELP” link, “Script Songs” at the DramaShare website

Sample of script:

Tomato, Potato, Peanut, Sunflower, Lettuce and Stringbean are standing in a row, sleeping, some snoring
Tomato stretches, yawns, big smile

Tomato: Goooodddd morning fellow members of the garden patch!

other actors are shocked, awakened by Tomato’s greeting

Stringbean: Wha . . wha . . what?

Potato: Tomato, will you keep it down, some of us are trying to sleep!

Tomato: Isn’t it such a gorgeous morning . . Makes a gal want to sing is what . .

Lettuce: Oh please no, not the singing again Tomato!

Peanut: I’m with you on that one Lettuce! . . I mean really! . . Somebody oughta tell that Tomato that she can’t sing. . . Nice enough vegetable and all, but maybe leave the singing to Radish or even Cucumber! . .

Stringbean: Cucumber has a lovely voice, kinda seedy and melancholy.

Sunflower: Only good thing about Tomato’s singing it does scare the crows away. . . And until our Farmer gets his act together and gets some scarecrows set up . . .

Potato: Speaking of crows, what was with those weird birds last night, flying around, squawking, keeping decent vegetables awake!

Sunflower: You got that right Potato! . . (looks down beside herself, shivers). . . Not sure what those crows were eating yesterday but they left a deposit on my lower branches and I mean . . . eewwwwwwwwww!

Tomato, clears throat, sings offkey to the tune of “Down in the Valley”:
Out in the garden, whee they plant shoots
You’ll feel the moist earth on your bare roots
On your bare roots friends, on your bare roots
All of us veggies, lucky to be here.

Peanut: What kinda song is that, don’t you know anything about music? . . It’s supposed to rhyme for Pete’s sake! . . . “Roots” doesn’t rhyme with “here”!

Tomato: Do you know how tough it is to come up with words rhyming with “roots”?

Lettuce: How about . . (clears throat, sings) . . “All of us veggies, wear rubber boots”.

Stringbean: Lettuce, are you blond or what? . . . Tell me, do you wear rubber boots?

Lettuce: Well, no, but . . .

Stringbean: Do any of us wear rubber boots?

Lettuce: Well, I am not like real sure, I mean I always figure what goes on in the privacy of a plants root system is like . . private.

Tomato, sings:
If you like veggies, you will love us
We simply feed you, don’t make a fuss
Don’t make a fuss dear, don’t make a fuss
Haul out your fry pan, supper’s on us.

Stringbean: Somebody give Tomato a quarter, tell her to give us a call when she gets a voice!

Potato: Well you have to admit that her song did rhyme that time . . “fuss” . . “us” . . rhymes.

Sunflower, squirming: Speaking of roots . . . My root is so itchy, it’s like driving me crazy! . .

Peanut: Don’t you just hate that . . your root has an itch and what are you gonna do to fix it? I mean it’s not like you can go and scratch it.

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