Prayer Chain Problems

  • Cast Number: 8
  • Run-time: 18 minutes
  • Bible Reference: James 5:16

Someone is seriously ill and calls for prayer support through the church prayer chain. Unfortunately along the way the message gets . . . muffled. What happens is hilarious and . .  a bit silly.
A comedy that pokes fun at ourselves.

Bible Reference:         James 5:16


Cast:                8, male or female, adult age

James Franklin
Pastor Thomas
Ida Shields
Clarence Adams
Sarah Williams
Judy Thompson

Offstage voice of Jeannie Franklin


Set:                blank stage with 2 areas which can be somewhat distanced and isolated from each other by lighting. Each area has a phone on a table


Lighting:       would be useful is the 2 acting areas can be somewhat isolated with lighting


Sound:           SFX of phone ringing
SFX of phone beep


Costumes:     standard


Props:            2 phones


Time:             18


Sample of script:           


lights up on James, picks up phone, dials, waits


SFX:                phone ringing


lights up on Pastor

Pastor picks up phone


Pastor:             Hello, Pastor Thomas here.


James:             Pastor Thomas . . . . Sorry to bother you, it’s James Franklin . . .


Pastor:             James, how are you?


James:             I am fine Pastor, fine, but it’s my wife Jeannie, she’s not at all well . .


Pastor:             Sorry to hear that James, been a lot of colds and flu going around the last week or so and . . .


James:             No Pastor, this is more than just a cold, Jeannie is real sick, got chest pains, some numbness . . There’s a lot of heart problems in Jeannie’s family . . . I am worried.


Pastor:             As you should be James, but have you called the doctor, the ambulance?


James:             Yes Pastor, the ambulance is on its way, doctor is waiting at the hospital . .


Pastor:             Good . .  good . . .


James:             What I called about Pastor, do you think maybe we could have our church family pray for Jeannie?


Pastor:             Say no more James, of course I will call the head of our church prayer chain and get things started. . .  Now you get back to Jeannie, let her know we will all be praying for her. . .  I will call you in the morning and if Jeannie is in the hospital I would like to come around and spend some time with the two of you.


James:             That is so very kind of you Pastor . . .


Pastor:             Not another word, you look after Jeannie.


James hangs up phone, leaves stage, Pastor looks up number, dials, waits,


SFX:                phone ringing


lights come up on Ida, picks up phone


Ida:                  Ida Shields speaking . . .


Pastor:             Good evening Mrs. Shields, Pastor Thomas here.


Ida:                  Oh Pastor, what a coincidence, I was just remembering you and your good wife in my prayers tonight and I . . .


Pastor:             That is very nice of you Mrs. Shields but I wanted to . .


Ida:                  Not another word Pastor, why you must remember when you first came to Elm Street Community Church I told you that you would be in my daily prayers and never once have I neglected that.


Pastor:             I am grateful for that Mrs. Shields but what I . .


Ida:                  Not one time, even though I must say that my duties as the head of the Women’s Missionary Support and also head of the church prayer chain keeps me more than just a bit busy and . .


Pastor:             Well Mrs. Shields . .  .


Ida:                  Plus with my . .  .


Pastor:             Mrs. Shields . . .Mrs. Shields . . .


Ida:                  And . . .


Pastor:             Listen, Mrs. Shields, I have a prayer request and . . .


Ida:                  Done, done, done! . .  Like I said, I pray for you and Mrs. Thomas and the little ones every single day and . .


Pastor:             You are not listening Mrs. Shields! . .  Listen please! . . . The prayer request is for Jeannie Franklin. . .  James Franklin called, Jeannie is on her way to the hospital, she is . .


Ids, thinks:       Jeannie Franklin . .  let me see . .  Jeannie is the new one in old Widow Edwards’ house I believe.


Pastor:             The Franklins have lived there and been part of our church for 3 years.


Ida:                  I thought so, I can’t say I know Jeannie . .  she never comes to Women’s Missionary functions . . mind you few of the young ones do.


Pastor:             Mrs. Shield, it is essential that we mobilize the Prayer Chain and raise up prayers for Jeannie.


Ida:                  Of course Pastor, I will get on it immediately. Now tell me the details . .


Pastor:             Jeannie is having chest pains, her family is prone to heart problems. And Jeannie is on her way to the hospital now, the doctors will meet her there.


Ida:                  Oh my, that is serious! . . I will call the first person on the prayer chain, not a minute to waste. . .  Thank you for letting me know Pastor.


lights down on Pastor, Ida puts on glasses, picks up a a paper, dials, waits,


SFX:                phone ringing


lights up on Doris, answers phone


Doris:              Doris speaking.


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