Prayer Understanding

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1.Corinthians 1:25

Theme:            Group are investigating the validity of, need for and methodology of prayer when God answers.


Bible Reference:          1 Corinthians 1:25


Cast:                6 (except VOG all may be m or f)
VOG (offstage voice of God)


Set, Sound, Costumes:            standard


Time:              7


Sample of script:           


Jamie, Tyler, Morgan, Payton come on stage, talking


Jaime:              So who called this meeting?


Tyler:               No good idea, just got me a text message, told me be here.


Morgan:          Same. . . . . So, anyone know what’s up?


Payton:            My text said: . . . . prayer, . .  what does that mean?


Jamie:              Well . . . . prayer is . . . like . . . .  kinda . . .


Morgan:          Let me explain . . . Prayer is like when you . . kinda . . . like . . . pray.


Tyler:               Thanks for clearing that up Morgan!


Morgan:          Let me put it this way . . .  Praying is like when you talk to the big guy.


VOG:              I beg your pardon! . . .  The big guy?


all look around to see where the talking came from


Payton:            That likely was young Willy Norton, he’s always got something to say.


Morgan:          Well, like I say . . . when I really, really need some stuff, and if all else fails, I sometimes go and like . . .  pray.


VOG:              When all else fails? . . . Am I second choice?


Payton:            Willy will you cut that out?


Tyler:               I gotta admit, this praying thing, I don’t know much. . . . So, for this praying for stuff . . . where do you go, what do you do?


Morgan:          Well, seems like you get down on your knees kinda.


Payton:            Why for on your knees, is that important? . . . I mean I get sore knees real easy, wouldn’t it be OK if a fella was to sit on a comfy chair?


Morgan:          Not sure exactly but from what I’ve seen it’s best to get down on your knees.


Jamie:              OK, s’pose you get down on your knees . . . what then?


Morgan:          Well seems like you . . fold your hands . . (folds hands in prayer), . . like this.


Payton, gets on knees, folds hands:    
I can do this, anything else we should be doing?


Morgan:          Well be sure not to smile or tell jokes or such when you are praying.


Tyler:               OK before I get on my knees, fold hands, no smile, no jokes, where do I go pray?


Morgan:          Well you can go like anywhere . .  so long as its somewhere your friends can’t see you. . .  I mean they might think you’ve lost it if you are there in the middle of nowhere, on your knees, hands folded, blank look on your face. . . . Like this . .


Stacy comes onstage, sees Morgan and all others get down on knees, hands folded


Stacy:              Hey Morgan . .  I didn’t realize you guys were praying kind of people.


Morgan, up quickly, embarrassed:    
I wasn’t really like . .  I mean I was just showing everyone how . .


Stacy:              I think that’s really cool, I enjoy my time talking to God as well and . .


Payton:            Stacy, you trying to tell us you, like,  . .  can talk to God?


Stacy:              Of course, and obviously you guys do as well, on your knees and all.


Jamie:              Fascinating Stacy, so whenever you want something you just go ahead and get on your knees and ask the big guy upstairs to go get it for you?


VOG:              I am not the big guy upstairs!


Payton:            Don’t pay attention, that was likely Willie Norton again.


Stacy:              No, that was God.


all react in shock


Tyler:               You trying to tell us that there was . . .


Morgan:          The big guy?


VOG:              And I am not to be referred to as the   . . . big guy!


Morgan:          Ssssssorry, your . .  your . .  Godness!


Jamie:              Hey I can see where this praying thing could be flat out awesome, just get down on the floor here and ask God for all the things we want.


Payton:            Me too, I tell you, sign me up!

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