Thy Kingdom Maybe

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 6:9-10

Theme:            Jesus taught the model prayer and so both taught and commanded Christians on prayer.


Bible Reference:          Matthew 6:9-10


Cast:                5, (may be m or f, except for VOG (Voice of God)
VOG (offstage voice of God)


Set, Sound, Costumes:            standard


Time:              4


Sample of script:           


Jamie, Tyler, Morgan onstage sitting, talking


Jamie:              So . . . did you guys see the ballgame on TV?


Tyler:               Nah, why bother, my Padres didn’t make it to the playoff round.


Morgan:          So what? . . . Most teams don’t make the playoffs, that doesn’t stop us from watching the games, straight through to the World Series.


Jamie:              My Mariners have never won a pennant but you can’t keep me away from the TV on playoff day.


Tyler:               But how do you stay motivated when your team never wins the big game?


Jamie:              For sure I am disappointed when my team doesn’t win but I enjoy good baseball. That takes me out to the park or in front of the TV.


Payton comes on stage


Morgan:          Hey Payton, how’s your day been?


Payton:            Don’t even talk about my day!


Tyler:               What’s so wrong with your day?


Payton:            I am once and for all done with praying!


Jamie:              Wow! . . .  That sounds for sure serious Payton! . .  I thought you were way into prayer.


Payton:            I for sure was . . . but lately seems my prayers are like bouncing off the ceiling.


Morgan:          “Bouncing off the ceiling?”


Payton:            Falling on deaf ears?


VOG:              You are saying I am deaf?


all startled


Payton:            Oooops, sorry! . .  I didn’t know you were here.


VOG:              I thought we had established that I am always here.


Tyler:               Sorry! . . . I think Payton misspoke . . . What I think he meant to say was . . .

VOG:              Yes Tyler, you go ahead and un-mis Payton’s misspoke.


Tyler:               I think what Payton was thinking was . . . .


VOG:              I know what Payton was thinking, and what you were thinking as well Tyler. . . . Knowing what you think is what you guys sometimes refer to as . . . “a God thang.” 


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