Give Us Our Bread

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 6:11

Theme:            What did Jesus mean when he outlined prayer, asking for daily bread?


Bible Reference:          Matthew 6:11


Cast:                6, (may be m or f except for VOG)
Jamie, Tyler, Morgan, Payton, Stacy
VOG (offstage Voice of God)


Set, Sound, Costumes:            standard


Time:    4         


Sample of script:


Jamie, Tyler, Morgan, Payton onstage


Payton, wipes brow:   
Wow, such a hot day, I hate the heat!


Jamie:              The heat that’s one thing, but the wind is what gets me!


Tyler:               I can take the heat, I can handle the wind, but save me from this humidity!


Morgan:          You guys are going on about heat, wind, humidity . .  you don’t know you are living! . .  . My face gets all blistered and cracked in the sun!


VOG:              Oh my!


Stacy comes on stage, smiling, looking around


Stacy:              What a gorgeous day! . .  Lovely sunshine, gentle breeze, just a perfect day! . .  This is just what I prayed for!


VOG:              You are welcome!


Payton:            Stacy, you saying the heat doesn’t bother you?


Stacy:              Well Payton I just wear light clothing, seems to do just fine.


Jamie:              And I suppose this wind isn't a problem either?


Stacy:              Actually Jamie the breeze helps cool me down.


Morgan, mocking:      
Exactly Stacy, and the heat and wind don’t dry and blister your skin either?


Stacy:              I find that sunscreen and lotion work just fine Morgan . .  and the humidity also keeps my skin protected.


Tyler:               Oh, humidity, . . .  OK . .  I guess, a bit.


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