Leading vs Delivering

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 6:13

Theme:            In the Lord’s Prayer we read . . . “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” What exactly does that mean, and what does it mean to us?


Bible Reference:          Matthew 6:13


Cast:                5, (except for VOG may be m or f)
Tyler, Morgan, Payton, Jamie, VOG (offstage voice of God)


Set, Sound, Costumes:            standard


Time:              4


Sample of script:

Tyler, Morgan, Payton, Jamie walking onstage, talking


Tyler:               Nice pants Payton.


Payton:            These old things Tyler? . .  I was going through my closet, came across these pants, hadn’t worn them in a gazillion years, thought maybe I would try them out.


Jamie:              Well for sure they do look good on you Payton.


Payton:            Well these pants for sure are way tighter than the last time I wore them!


Morgan:          It’s the ambient temperature in your closet that causes it.


Tyler:               What’s ambient temperature Morgan?


Morgan:          I have zero idea what ambient temperature is Tyler, but when I blame tight fitting clothes on ambient temperature everyone seems to accept it.


Payton:            My tight fitting clothes are more due to chocolate cake than ambient temperature.


Jamie:              Why did God invent chocolate cake and cheesecake when they are so fattening?


Morgan:          It’s a sin is what it is.


VOG:              Temptation is sin only when accepted and yielded to.


Tyler:               You scare me when you do that.


VOG:              Temptations are the work of the evil one. You are, and will be, tempted.


Morgan:          Then what hope is there? . .  Sooner or later we will give in to Satan’s persuasion.


VOG:              Yes Satan is at the front door and if you let him in he may never leave. But I am the safe exit door and I am always there waiting for you to open it.


Tyler:               Funny you know . . . it seems the times I am most vulnerable to temptation is when I am at my best.

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