The Besterest Part

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Genesis

A puppet play by Nigel Camac
Food has been stolen, and someone is guilty. But all students are shocked when someone takes the punishment for the guilty party.Kind of reminds you of . . well . . the besterest part of Easter.

Cast 5 puppets:

Set Obviously a puppet stage
Backdrop pictures of play equipment and trees etc
Backdrop pictures of a schoolroom with alphabet and rules

A sign saying “3 Weeks Earlier”
A sign saying “Present day again”.

Please contact the author for additional information,

Sample of Script

Scene 1

Lucy and Matt are in the schoolyard on Easter Thursday. Backdrop can include pictures of play equipment and a few trees etc.

Lucy ….I’m so excited Matt, I can hardly stand still! (Lucy is jumping all over the place)

Matt Yeh, 4 days of no school. I love the Easter break.

Lucy What’s the besterest part for you?

Matt That’s not a word Lucy.

Lucy What?

Matt Besterest.

Lucy Oh Matt, you’re not the teacher. Anyways, you know what I mean.

Matt (A million miles away in a trance) Chocolate.

Lucy Chocolate?

Matt The (pausing for effect and saying with emphasis) besterest part of Easter.

Lucy Oh chocolate, yeh. (Dreamily wondering) I wonder what I’ll get.

Matt (Animated) I’m getting this gynormous egg, with like hundreds of incy-wincy ones inside. And a rainbow coloured candy egg and yeh, this rabbit surrounded by lots of little bunnies. Then there’s this …

Lucy (Cutting in suspiciously) Hey, you’re not meant to know yet.

Matt (surprised) Oops! (slyly) Let’s just say, I know where the Easter bunny shops. Anyway, what’s the best part for you?

Lucy For me it’s the hot crossed buns, with loads of butter. Mmmmm, you can keep them coming all Good Friday!

Matt (Quizzickly) Is it called Good Friday ‘cos there’s no school?

Lucy No silly, Good Friday is the day we celebrate Jesus dying on the cross.

Matt So we celebrate someone dying, and call the day “good”. Lucy, you really have lost me now.

Lucy Matt, it’s like this : Jesus took the punishment for all the things we’ve done wrong. That’s why we call the day “good”. (Suddenly recalling) It’s a bit like what Big Bruce did in class the other day.

Matt Oh yeh, that was good. I still remember how worried I was when Ms Hammond called us back to class during recess time!

Matt and Lucy disappear


Scene 2

A sign comes up saying : “3 WEEKS EARLIER”
Scene is set in a schoolroom. Backdrop can include a blackboard, maybe the alphabet and a list of rules.

Enter Stage R, Ms Hammond

Ms H (Musing) Why can’t they just follow the rules? Everything was going so well.
(Loudly) Children, back to class this minute!

Noise off-stage of approaching students. Then a knock on the door.

Ms H Come in quietly children.

Matt, Lucy, Big Bruce and Timid Tim enter stage L

Matt What is it Ms Hammond?

Ms H Well, you know our rules….(She points to the list of rules)

All 4 (In unison)Yeh?

Ms H (Angrily clearing her throat)

All 4 (Coming to attention) Yes Ms Hammond.

Ms H Unfortunately, one has been broken.

All 4 puppets gasp and stare at one another horrified.

Ms H Rules are rules and stealing is forbidden. Now, the offender will be caught and the punishment will be given.

Timid Tim bowes his head and moves away from the others.

Matt Was it you Bruce?

Bruce No chance. What about you Lucy, did you steal something?

Lucy I would never do it!

Lucy, Bruce and Matt turn to Timid Tim who seems repelled by their gaze.

T T (Finally he comes forward shamefacedly) Uhhhhh, it was… was me.

Ms H (Surprised) You Timmy?

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