Sea Voyage Series

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 14 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 7:12

2 part series about a sea voyage, with puppets or people, teaching about behaviour, manners, bullying, gentleness, cleanliness, adventure
A comedy for children of all ages
Useful for Vacation Bible School (VBS).

Sample of script from Day 1:

Narrator- Once upon a time not so very long ago Barry and Gary started out on an adventure on their ship. "The big ship mannerific." They had an idea to travel to different places, meet different people and maybe find a new place to live.

Gary- Wow, what a great day look Barry, at all that water.

Barry- Yea I see (starts moaning) Ohhhh…

Gary- Ohh is right I think I saw a whale ahhh.. There he is.

Barry- Great. ohhh (moans, lays his head over acts seasick)

(at this time, both puppets are moaning. Gary is excited, Barry is sick. After a few minutes Gary notices Barry moaning)

Gary- Hey Barry what's wrong?

Barry- The water does not like me.

Gary- nonsense, You're just a little seasick.

Barry- No. It's out to get me. ohhh.

Gary- Try and look at the good side of this. We're on the water, on an adventure, the waves are moving our boat closer to somewhere new.

Barry- Yea its moving us up, and down, and up, and down. Ohhhh.(moans)

Gary- Come on. It's not that bad. It's all in your head.

Barry- All in my head? It's gonna be all over this boat in a minute. Ohh (Moans)

Gary- Look Barry! Land!

Barry-Where? Where? Oh sweet land where are you?

Gary- Over there. It looks like an Island. 3 Islands. Wow.

Barry- Look Oh wow. Do you think they have friendlies?

Gary- Friendlies?

Barry- Do you think the people who live on them are friendly?

Gary- I don't know but were about to find out.

(They land on the Island) Both puppets yell and are excited especially Barry who is kissing the ground,

Gary- Look there's a sign. It says "Sneeze Island"

Barry- Sneeze Island? What kind of name is Sneeze Island

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