Trust Your Pilot

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 16:21-28

Theme:            A comedy puppet script, (could easily be adapted to standard drama), speaks of how we need to have complete trust in God and follow him faithfully.

Bible Reference:         Matthew 16:21-28


Cast:                4
Pilot OSV (offstage voice only)
Tracy – puppeteer (m or f)
Moe – puppet (m or f)
Joe – puppet (m or f)


Set:                  chairs set up to resemble airplane interior, low table for puppets


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:     standard


Props:            suitcase


Special Instructions:    Early lines could be recorded in advance, as could all puppet’s lines throughout the skit.


Time:             7


Sample of script:           


opens with offstage voices


OSV Pilot:        This is your First Officer, Captain Eternal, speaking . . Last call, everyone should now be in their seats . . seat belts fastened, seat backs fully forward and seat tables in the locked and upright position in preparation for takeoff.


OSV Tracy:      OK guys I will have to make a run for it or we will miss our flight.


OSV Joe:          Hey slow down will ya? . . . It’s dark in here . . . and obviously we’re flying economy again, no padding at all in this old suitcase!


OSV Moe:        You should talk Joe, I’m on the bottom and, (strained voice), you’ve got your elbow in my Adam’s apple!


OSV Joe:          Get over it Moe, as the senior member of this team I expect the best spot.


there is noise offstage of box falling


OSV Joe:          Hey! . . . Whoa! . . . What’s goin’ on out there?


OSV Moe:        Tracy did you go and drop the suitcase . .  . and us in it?


OSV Tracy:      Sorry, I was trying to rush and . . .


OSV Joe:          Maybe you never heard the old saying . . .”Slow and steady makes for less bruising?”


OSV Moe:        Actually Joe, I think the old saying is “Slow and steady wins the race.”


OSV Joe:          Shhhhhhhhhhhh! . . . Don’t you ever say the word “race” or Tracy will act like we are, (mimics racetrack announcer), down the stretch . . . at the Kentucky Derby.


Tracy comes onstage carrying a “very heavy” suitcase


OSV Joe:          How much further do we gotta go Tracy? . .


Tracy:              It’s not far now, let’s see . . our seats are Row 6, seats A, B and C.


OSV Moe:        Sure and I suppose I get the middle seat again . .  like zero elbow room!


OSV Joe:          Maybe you expect that me, being the senior member of the team, should get the middle seat?


OSV Moe:        Well Joe, no way you should always get first choice . . .


OSV Joe:          Live with it Moe!


OSV Moe:        But it’s not fair . .


Tracy:              Enough already, I will sit in the middle seat.


OSV Moe:        And I am sure Joe here will want the window seat too, won’t you Joe? I always get stuck with the aisle seat!


OSV Joe:          No I will let you have the window seat Moe. . .  The stewardesses will want to be close to me, they know how gorgeous I am.


Tracy:              OK, here are our seats. . .


Tracy puts suitcase down on low table


OSV Moe:        Whoa! . . . Steady big fella!


OSV Joe:          Bruising! . . . Bruising! . . .


Tracy takes puppets out of suitcase, sets them up on top of suitcase on table, lines are now “live”


Joe:                  Hey careful of my arm, it wasn’t built to turn in that direction.


Moe:                I think I just might have whiplash.


Tracy:              Will you two stop your complaining?

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