Serving Some Body

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1.Corinthians 12

Theme:            A comedy piece on the subject of many parts, one body.
Head, Torso, Legs and Arms learn a lesson on how they need to use their individual strengths and talents and how they must work together for the Body as a whole to function successfully. And from this lesson they show how God has made each of us to use our talents to serve one another and God.
Could be a standard or puppet drama.

Bible Reference:         1 Corinthians 12


Cast:                4 (m or f any age)


Set:                  blank


Lighting, Sound:         standard


Costumes:     each character is wrapped in a cloth cylindrical cone with the particular featured part of that character exposed:
Head had the head exposed, all other parts hidden
Torso has a life size picture of a clothed torso showing, all other parts hidden
Legs has legs showing, all other parts hidden
Arms has arms showing, all other parts hidden


Props:            baseballs, 2 small tables to set the balls on (one stationed near Arms, the other further away from all actors)


SFX:              taped sound of heartbeat


Time:             20 minutes


Sample of Script:           


Head, Torso, Legs and Arms are standing onstage


Head looks admiringly in “mirror,” admires eyes, lips


Head:               Oh my, my, my, my my! . . . If I do say so myself, looking very good indeed!
Gorgeous hair . .  perfect cupid’s bow lips . . . saucy ears . . eyes that are, may I say it . . . sexy!


Legs:                Oh really Head! . . . Rather high on yourself are you?


Head:               And just why wouldn’t I be high on myself Legs? . .  After all, I certainly am the crowning achievement of our collective Body!


Arms:              I simply can’t grasp why you think so highly of yourself Head!


Head:               Well Arms, if you had any intelligence you would realize I am the only one in our Body who is able to . .  think. . .  After all I am the home of the only Brain in our Body.


Torso:              Person Parts please! . . . You are driving me to distraction with all your chintzy chatter! I am the central part of our Body and I ask that all of you simply stop your ridiculous rants!


Arms:              Torso, you talk as though you are the heart of our existence, our very breath of life, the digest directive of all we are!


Torso:              Well, well amiable Arms! .. . Perhaps I might remind you that I am the resident reality responsible for the beat of our heart . . . perhaps you would like to listen? . . (SFX of loud heartbeat) . . . Further I boldly bring breath . . witness! . .  (breaths rapidly, loud) . . . And as for the direction of digestion well . . .


Legs:                Enough Torso, I believe we get the drift of your digestion without further expression!


Head:               Legs, I too am having trouble  . . stomaching . . . Torso going on and on as well.


Torso:              It seems to me that all the rest of you have no . . stomach . . for facts. Might I remind all of you that it was back almost 300 years ago when no one less than Napoleon Bonaparte stated that an army moves on it’s . . stomach! . . . So there!


Legs:                Oh really, an army moves on it’s stomach does it Torso? . . I should expect that moving on it’s stomach would result in much pain, blood and lacerations. I would suggest to his eminence Napoleon that he ought best to have his army move on it’s . . legs!


Arms:              All of you! . . These antagonistic acrimonious arguments are beginning to beat on my brow bringing about a huge horrendous headache!


Head:               I agree Arms, surely we, being one body, should be able to somehow live in harmony.


Torso:              How do you suggest we go about that Head?


Head:               Well, in situations like this it seems appropriate that saner . . . Heads . . prevail. And with myself being the only . .  Head . . . in our group, it seems right that I prevail and be the leader and all-round source of intelligence.


Legs:                Head you have the knowing knack of creating a climate wherein, when there is nothing to say . .  you say it!


Arms:              Surely there is something which can bring us together to act as one happy Body.


Torso:              Well I am nothing but easy to live with.


Head:               Wherever you go you bring along your own cheering section, don’t you Torso?


Legs:                I’m with you Arms, of necessity we need to hop on the happy bus.


Arms:              Well I just feel as though I need to put my arms around someone and give them a great big hug.


Torso, backs off:         
I’m not sure I am real comfortable with the hugging thing Arms.


Head:               I’m thinking a real friendly wave might suffice.


Arms:              But I feel as though we need to get all together, as one, enjoy what each one brings to the table.


Torso:              Speaking of table, I am a bit hungry.


Legs:                Seems like you are always hungry Torso.


Torso:              You don’t seem to mind the strength I send out to you when I have a good nutritious meal Legs. . . . Seems to help you run and jump.


Legs:                I gotta admit you have a point there Torso. . . I do get feeling weak when you miss a meal.


Head:               Hey guys I got an idea . . .  Let’s us play baseball.


Arms:              How do you figure we are gonna do that? . . Baseball takes like, a pitcher, a catcher, a first baseman, shortstop,  . . .and a . . .  a whole bunch’a guys.


Torso:              That was not a great idea Head! . . . For someone who always says he is the thinker . . you for sure didn’t think that one through!


Head:               Hey well, I didn’t necessarily mean we have like a real baseball game. . .  I mean like we could just play catch is what I meant.


Legs:                Hey, good idea there Head, that’s using your head.


Head:               Well that’s just what I do Legs, I use my . . head.


Arms, picks up ball:    
Here you go then, I’ll throw this ball way up high and you guys try to catch it, OK?


Legs:                This will be lots of fun!


Head:               I can for sure do this!


Torso:              OK Arms, you throw that ball away up high, I will for sure catch it!


Arms picks up ball, goes through extensive windup procedure


Head:               Oh really Arms, stop making like Felix Hernandez and just toss the ball!


Arms throws the ball upward, (it should land behind the actors), Head reacts


Head:               Ouch! . . . Ouch! . . . Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch! You threw that ball at me and it hit me right on the top of my head! , , , Ouch! . . . Ouch! . . .


Torso:              Oh really Head, you are such a drama queen! . . . How much can a little old baseball hurt you?


Head:               Oh you think so do you Torso? . .  Well maybe I will pick up that baseball and I will toss it at you and see how much you like it!


Arms:              Go for it Head, toss the ball as hard as you can.


Head:               Alright,  . . I will . . . .  Uhh . . .  How did you throw that ball Arms?


Arms:              Easy, I just held the ball in my hand and with the twist of a wrist I spun the ball out there.


Head:               Uhh . . . Hand?


Arms:              Yes, I held the ball in my hand.


Head:               Uhh . . . . I, like, don’t have . . .  like, . . . .  any hands.


Torso:              Houston we have a problem!

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