Rocky Foundations

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 7:24-27

Theme:            It’s time for the “Annual Homes Of The Future Home Show” and all the home builders in the area are anxious to get approved to be in the show. And some of the builders have some unique designs, including  “Marvelous All-Mud Mansions" and “Stately Sand Castles” to name just two.
This short comedy skit speaks of building on a strong foundation. Could be used as puppet script.

Bible Reference:         Matthew 7:24-27


Cast:                4 (any age, male or female)
Jeanette, from the Home Builders Association
Mud Mudrick of Mudrick All Mud Mansions
Sandy Sommers of Stately Sand Castles
Rocky Reynolds of Rock Solid Construction


Set:                  blank with table and chairs


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:   standard


Props:             pan of sand, pail of “mud” (use chocolate pudding), toy shovel, papers on table


Time:             6


Sample of script:           


Jeanette comes on stage, sits at her desk going through papers

Mark comes on stage with a pail of mud (chocolate pudding) and starts stirring it

Sandy comes on stage, leans down, picks up a handful of sand, big smile, lets sand fall

Jeanette looks back and forth between Mark and Sandy, confused

Jeanette speaks toward both of them


Jeanette:          Uhhhh, excuse me.


gets no reaction


Jeanette, louder:        
Excuse me!


Sandy:             You, madam, are becoming a great distraction!


Jeanette:          Well I certainly did not mean to distract, I simply wondered what . . .


Mark:              Please get with it woman! . .  If you have a question I will obviously have the answer! . . .  (looks haughtily at Sandy, laughs) . . . Perhaps even the  . . . sand man . . here might have some answers for you.


Jeanette:          Who are you guys and what are you doing?


Mark, proud
I . . am Mark Mudrick! . . . (phony smile) . .  owner and overall do-it guy at Mudrick’s Marvelous All-Mud Mansions, at your service!


Sandy, shakes his head:        
Yeh and his friends call him . . . Muddy Mark!


The following lines are shouted out in increasing anger


Mark:              Oh yeh, Silly Sandy!


Sandy:             Muddy Mark!


Mark:              Silly Sandy!


Sandy:             Muddy Mark!


Jeanette moves between the other two, making motions to stop the argument


Jeanette:          Will you two just stop it! . . .  What is this going on between the two of you?


Sandy:             Just who are you lady, telling us what we can say and what we can’t?


Jeanette:          I am Jeanette Jones and I am the Executive Director of the White City Home Builders Association. I’m here to screen and approve the contractors who wish to promote their homes at our “Homes Of The Future Home Show” next weekend.


Sandy:             That’s why I’m here, I figure my homes are sure to be feature of the Home Show.


Mark:              Ya right! Your silly homes might make feature for “What To Avoid” category!


Sandy:             And your “build a disaster” homes will be sure-fire winner in the “Joke of the Show” category!


Jeanette:          I have heard just about enough from the both of you!


Mark:              Well Sandy here’s always yakkin’ about my marvelous All Mud Mansions!


Sandy:             You could say Muddy here lives on the mud side of town.


Mark, to Sandy:         
Don’t you go and get on my case about . . .


Jeanette, cuts them off:          
Both of you! . . . Stop that right now!

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