Do Unto Others

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 6:31

two puppets find a fun-filled time of learning that we are all equal.

Cast:   Two puppets and a person



Preacher Bill comes in carrying suitcase, sets suitcase down.

Preacher Bill:  Good to see you again, boys and girls!  You know, I've been thinking about what we could talk about today.  And I can't seem to come up with any real good ideas.  I wonder, maybe you could help me.  Can you think of some ideas?

If the children make some suggestions, Preacher Bill responds receptively, "Good idea!  Anything else?", etc.
After a short time Homer and Henry speak from inside the suitcase.


Homer:            I don't understand!  They are looking for ideas.  How come Preacher Bill doesn't bring out the idea man!


Henry:             The idea man?  Who's the idea man?


Homer:            Duh!  Me, Homer!  Why, they used to always call me Homer Solutions!


Henry:             Homer Solutions?  I thought they called you Homer Lone.


Homer:            Homer Lone?  Henry, what are you talking about?  Homer Lone!


Henry:             Yeh, you know, like the movie!  Homer Lone.


Homer:            The movie, Homer Lone?  Never heard of it!  And I know all the movies!


Henry:             You don't get it?  Homer Lone!  As in "Homer Lone".  You know, Homer . . Lone.  Home . . . er . . . lone.  Home . . . a . .. lone.  Home alone, get it?  The movie, "Home Alone"!  Get it?


Homer:            You know Henry, you've come up with some real doosies, but this one takes the cake!  Homer Lone!  Really!


Preacher Bill:  Homer!  Henry!  I'm talking to these young folks here at (church name).  Would you please be so kind as to keep your voices down?


Henry:             Sorry Preacher Bill.  But Homer said that he was a . . .


Homer:            I simply pointed out to Henry, the obvious!  I am the one who always comes up with the good ideas!  I mean, it's really not Henry's fault!  I mean, he can't help it if his hair isn't red, like mine!


Henry:             My hair isn't red, like yours?  What ever does the color of my hair have to do with good ideas?

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