Forgive Forget

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 103

Clancy the puppet had a rubber ducky dropped on his toe years ago, and he forgave the guy that did it . . . but didn't forget. Now when speaking in front of a Sunday School class Clancy shows that to forgive is not always to forget, unless we forgive like God does.

Puppet script for one puppet


Theme:           Forgiving and forgetting


Run-time:       7 minutes




Hi boys and girls.  It sure is good to see you this morning, here in Sunday School.  I would like to talk to you for a minute this morning about something which is very hard to do.  And I have brought along a friend who, I am sure, will want to talk to you as well.


Take puppet from case, set on lectern. 


This is my friend, Clancy.  Clancy, these boys and girls are from the (name of church) Sunday School.  Clancy, can you say good morning to all of the boys and girls?


Clancy shakes head, says nothing.


Clancy, what’s wrong?  Why won’t you speak to the nice boys and girls?


Clancy again shakes head, no.


Sorry, boys and girls, I really don’t know what has gotten into Clancy.  He’s never like this.  Look, Clancy, it’s about time you stop this silliness and be polite.  I mean, (name of Sunday School teacher), was nice enough to invite us here this morning, and what do you do?  Nothing, that’s what!  Really, I just wish I had brought along another friend and left you at home this morning!


Clancy:            Your fault!


Who said that?  Was it one of you boys and girls?  No?  Well, who was it then?  Oh, well, maybe I’m just hearing things.  Anyhow, I guess I’ll just have to go on by myself, seeing as how Clancy is sitting there like a bump on a log, not saying anything!


Clancy:            Well, it really is your fault!


It was you, wasn’t it, Clancy?  And just what do you mean, it was my fault?  My fault that you aren’t talking to me?


Clancy nods yes.


What do you mean by that young man?  I mean, here I am, talking to these nice boys and girls, and I bring you along to talk nicely, and what do you do?  Nothing, that’s what!  Just exactly what did I do to deserve this, tell me, huh?


Clancy gestures to come closer.


What’s this?  You want me to come closer beside you?  What . . . You want to whisper in my ear?  Look, I’m here to talk to these fine young people about an important subject, and you won’t help me out, and I have to . . . .  Oh, fine then, whisper in my ear, but make it fast!


Clancy talks into ear, my face reacts.


Exactly what do you mean, “if I had been more careful this wouldn’t have happened”? . . . . I hurt you?  I have never, ever hurt you!  Exactly when did I hurt you? . . . . When I by accident dropped your rubber bunny on your toe?  I don’t believe this!  When did I ever drop a rubber bunny on your toe?  And just how much would that hurt anyway, being a bunny made of rubber, and all?   . . . . . . Last year?  When last year did I drop a rubber bunny on your toe? . . . .  At McDonalds?  I don’t remember . . . oh, wait a minute!  Now I remember!  But I apologized and asked you to forgive me!  And, as I recall, you said that you would forgive me! 


Clancy nods head yes.


Well, I don’t get it then.  If you forgave me, then why are we talking about it one year later?

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