It Hasnt Happened Yet

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 10 minutes

Looking into the future with Abraham, Isaiah, Anna and someone named Bob. Can be puppet or regular drama

© Copyright Dal Harris, 2006. Permission is granted to use and reproduce this script so long as the original copyright notice is retained.  



Narrator and characters representing  Abraham, Isaiah,  Anna, and  “Bob” a contemporary person.  Originally done with puppets for all but narrator, but can be live actors. Narrator and “Bob” may be any gender.  Abraham and Anna should be elderly, Isaiah in his prime,  Bob a young adult.


Narrator:  We have a number of interesting persons visiting with us today that we are eager for you to meet.


Abraham enters:  Hello there.


Narrator:  Hello, sir, are you what they call a  prophet?


Abraham:   Well, technically, No. My name is Abraham.  I’m more what you would call a Patriarch.


Narrator:  A Patriarch?  What is that?


Abraham:  Yes, a Patriarch.  Actually, THE Patriarch.


Narrator:  THE Patriarch?


Abraham:  Yes,  you see, God has chosen me to be the father of a great people.   He has promised me  that my descendants will be His chosen people. 


Narrator:  You will be the father of God’s people?


Abraham:  Yes.  As numerous as the stars in the sky.


Narrator:  No kidding.


Abraham:  Decendants more plentiful than all the grains of sand in the desert.


Narrator: Amazing. Abraham, sir, you seem quite – um – mature.  How many children do you have so far?


Abraham:  Well,  actually none.


Narrator:   None:


Abraham:  No.  It hasn’t happened yet.   But  I trust God’s promise.  It will,  it will.


Abraham exits.


Narrator:  That was interesting.  Here is another fellow.


Isaiah enters.


Narrator:  Sir, are you also a Patriarch?


Isaiah:     No, I don’t think of myself that way.  God has chosen me, Isaiah, to be his prophet.


Narrator:  So you ARE a prophet.    Isaiah, what do prophets do?


Isaiah:   We do what God commands us to do.  Mostly,  we convey God’s  word to  stubborn leaders who don’t want to hear it.


Narrator:  It sounds like a tough job.


Isaiah:  It is.  But it’s going to be a lot tougher on those who don’t listen to what God is telling them.  There are bad days ahead.


Narrator:   That doesn’t sound good.


Isaiah:       No.  But there is good news, too.   There is great news!  One is coming who will straighten all this out.  He will make the rough places plain.


Narrator:  Really?  Who?


Isaiah:    He will be called King of Kings and Lord of Lords!   Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace!


Narrator:  When?  Where?  Is he here?


Isaiah:   No.  It hasn’t happened yet.   But it will!  Hallelujah!  It will!

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