Most Important Race

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 12 minutes

there is one race which is most important the final goal, run with grace, achieve the utmost for the glory of God.

This puppet drama allows children to understand the most important race of all.  


Key words:  competition  achieve  race    



This script involves 3 puppets.  The names of the characters may be changed depending on the available puppets.



A puppet stage setting.



Each of the speakers should be close to a microphone.



Scene opens as Corky and Stanley enter the puppet stage.  As soon as they are visible, they begin speaking.


Corky:             No way, Stanley!  There is no way your arms are longer than mine!  


Stanley:           Should we get out the tape measure?  I just happen to have my Dad’s arms, you know.  


Corky:             That wasn’t very nice of you to take your Dad’s arms!  Poor guy! 


Stanley:           You know what I mean!  We Turners are known for our long arms!


Corky:             I think you’re dreamin’!  If you think your arms are longer than mine, then you must be dreamin’!


Stanley:           Dreamin’?  You say I, Stanley the Stalwart, am dreamin’?


Corky:             When I walk by someone they automatically start singing, (sings), ‘Do your arms hang low, do they wobble to and fro’ . . . 


Stanley, interrupting:  And I am the one dreamin’? 


Corky:             All I’m saying is that there is no way in the world that you have longer arms than me.  Even if by some strange chance that your arms may be slightly longer than mine, which, may I add, I doubt very much, there is no way in the world that you can run faster than me!


Stanley, laughing: You can’t be serious!  Running?  Puhleaaaase!  They don’t call me Speedy Stanley for nothing!


Corky:             Speedy Stanley?  I think what they call you is Sleepy Stanley!  Would I be right in reminding you of the time you jumped up right in the middle of Mrs. Barken’s math class and started singing I’m A Little Tea Pot!


Stanley:           So what?  I’m a creative dreamer!


Corky:             Anyway, fact is when it comes to running, I am the real speedster!


Stanley:           Maybe you are a little faster when it comes to running, but I can certainly do my homework a lot quicker than you!


Corky:             Oh really?


Stanley:           Really!


Corky:             Well if that’s true, then why is it that I’m still waiting for you to finish my science homework from last month?


Stanley:           You’ll be waiting a lot longer, Corky!  See, look deep in my eyes . . .


Corky, looks in Stanley’s face: Is that fried egg or tartar sauce on your lip?


Stanley, screaming: There is nothing on my lip!  What I am trying to tell you, is your homework is supposed to be done by . . . .who?


Corky:             Well, was hoping it would be done by you, but you seem to be awful slow about it, don’t mind me saying.


Corky:             You shall do your own homework.  OK?  Now then, back to the arm thing.  This is getting ridiculous!  We need someone to settle this once and for all!

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