Spidery Forgiveness

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 6:15
Suzy (girl puppet with legs and rod arm), and Charlie, a spider puppet that can turn over and wiggle legs in the air, and Voice of God, come together to tell us about forgiveness.
Sample of script:

Charlie crawls around and peeks out here and there while Suzy talks, giggling on occasion. Eventually Charlie can be seen crawling up Suzy’s back. ]

Suzy: (stuck on herself) Hello, and welcome to the “Suzy in the Know Show” Today our topic is forgiveness. Forgiveness is a very good subject for me because frankly “I” am a very forgiving person. I know “ALL” of the scriptures on forgiveness and “ALL” of the teachings. You are very lucky to be here today in my audience because I always give you the most information and “Yes” I am very entertaining.

Sue: Ooo - Excuse a moi something’s tickling my back - oh well it must be my naturally beautiful hair. Heee theee, ooooo.

Charlie: (Jumps on Suzy’s face yelling) Boo - betcha I scared you.

Suzy: (Begins to scream loudly -leave Charlie on a minute)

Charlie: Oh my ears - that hurts.

Suzy: (Screaming again throws Charlie on to the stage.) Eeeek yuck - how disgusting. (Suzy gags). Nasty thing.

Charlie: (lands on his back and can’t get up. Rolls and wiggles but can’t get up) Help, help, Suzy help me. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up, help.

Suzy: (rough voice) Help You. I don’t think so buster.

Charlie: (sounds really sad) The name’s Charlie and I really am sorry. I just wanted to meet you. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I’m sorry, please help me up.

Suzy: Help you? I ought to step on you. Look at you, you’re disgusting. Ooooo yuck and you were on moi. Oh hair ball, hair ball.

Charlie: (pleading) I really am sorry. If you don’t help me up I will die. I can’t get off my back by myself.

Suzy: Here’s a quarter - call someone who cares. Oh sorry, forgot, “you can’t get up”. That will teach you to mess with me. Humph.

[Charlie struggles and moans on occasion]

Suzy: Help him, I’ll help him, where’s a fly swatter when you need one.

God: Suzy!

Suzy: Who said that?

God: Suzy!

Suzy: Oh no, I know that voice. Busted.

God: Suzy!

Suzy: Gulp, yes Lord?

God: Suzy I want you to forgive Charlie.

Suzy: Forgive him? Are you crazy, oops I didn’t mean that the way it sounded but did you see what he did.

God: Suzy, forgive him.

Suzy: (whining) He was mean and he scared me half to death. He messed up my hair and he messed up my show. (incredulous) I hurt my voice I screamed so loud, you should punish him.

God: I didn’t ask you what Charlie did, did I? and I’m not talking to Charlie am I? I’m talking to you Suzy. Forgive Charlie.

Suzy: But he doesn’t deserve to be forgiven.

God: Suzy - did you know that if you don’t forgive Charlie, I cannot forgive you for your sins? Not will not, cannot. Remember Matthew 6:15 where I said “But if you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

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