Understanding God

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Jeremiah 29:11

Can be used as a puppet script or as a regular production script with some modification.


Cast of 5, any age


Set:  None required


Costumes:  leisure clothing


Props:  outlandish hat


Lighting and Sound:  standard


Sample of script:


Tony:               Hi Tracy!  Haven't seen you around for a long time.  Where ya bin man?


Tracy:              Who's that?  Oh Tony!  Didn't recognize ya, what with that hat 'n all!


Tony:               Like it?  Bought it yesterday at Leo's Haberdashery and Salvage.


Tracy:              Let me guess what side of Leo's business that hat came from!


Tony:               Ya like it?  Me too!  Makes a statement about my good taste, I think.


Tracy:              A lot of folks would try to keep that kind of statement under their hat, so to speak.


Tony:               What's that?  You mean you don't like my hat?  I mean, I just bought this hat and . .


Tracy:              Look, Tony, it sure wouldn't be my first choice but if it works for you that's great!  But, listen, I've gotta be goin', got a buncha things ta do for my mom.


Tracy leaves stage.


Tony:               Nobody seems to like being around me.  It's the way I look, I know that.  Why didn't my Craftsman make me handsome so's I could be popular like Tracy?


Jack comes on stage


Jack:                Hydee ho, Tony!  Love yer hat!


Tony:               No you don't!  You're just saying you like my hat, but you don't really!


Jack:                 I don't?


Tony:               No, you don't!


Jack:                That's strange, I was sure I did like your hat.  Can I ask a question?


Tony (angry):  What do you want now?


Jack:                I was just wondering.  Why don't I like your hat?


Tony:               See, that proves it!


Jack:                Proves what?


Tony:               Proves that you don't like my hat.


Jack:                No it doesn't.  You told me that I didn't like your hat, and I thought the least I should do is know why I didn't like your hat.


Tony:               I don't want to talk about it anymore!


Jack after a moment's silence:  Could I ask a favor?


Tony:               What now?


Jack:                Well, I was just thinking.  See'n's how you don't like that hat, and I really do like it, well, do ya think I could maybe buy that hat off ya?  If ya want to, that is, of course.


Tony:               So now you want to buy this ugly hat from me?


Jack:                Yeh, well, yup, I guess that's what I want to do all right, I want to buy the ug . . , I mean I want to buy your hat.


Tony:               There you go making fun of my hat again.  (takes hat off and throws it at Jack)  Look just take the stupid hat and go.


Jack:                You mean, just take your hat?  Oh, I can't do that, I mean you just bought it, and you paid for it and all.  No, I couldn't take a good hat from a friend and not pay for it, I mean . . .


Tony screams:             I said take the stupid hat and go!  I don't want the stupid hat, and I sure don't want your stupid money!  Just go!


Jack:                Well, if you're sure Tony.  Gee, thanks, this really is a great hat!  You are a good friend, Tony!


Jack leaves the stage


Tony:               A good friend!  Right!  Nobody likes me and that just proves it!  Jack took that hat that I really wanted for myself.  The only time anybody likes me is when I give them stuff, and then when they get my stuff they just leave.  Just like Jack did!  And now I'm all alone,  again!


Gloria enters stage.


Gloria:            Hi, Tony.  How are you doing on this ho?hum day?


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