Whose Birthday

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 9 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 2

Theme:            It’s someone’s birthday and everyone wants to go to the party . . . except no one knows whose birthday it is.
Could be a regular drama or puppet script.

Bible Reference:         Luke 2


Cast:                3 (Duey & Huey could be male or female)


Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes:        standard


Time:              9


Sample of script:           


Duey & Huey come on stage from opposite sides


Duey:              Helloooo! 


Huey:              Hi, Duey!


Duey:              Hi, Huey!


Huey:              Hi Duey!


Duey:              Hi Huey!


Huey:              Hey, Duey.


Duey:              Yeah, Huey?


Huey:              Have you ever noticed that our names sound alike?


Duey:              What do you mean?


Huey:              I mean .. .  I am Huey . . .  and you are Duey. . . . Sound alike.


Floyd comes on stage


Floyd:              Hey guys how are you?


Huey:              Doin’ good. . . Don’t think we have met. . .  I am Huey, and this is my friend Duey.


Floyd:              Good to know you guys, my name’s Floyd.


Duey:              Don’t want you to go and take this the wrong way but . . . that there is kinda a strange name.


Floyd:              What is a strange name?


Duey:              Your name. . .  Sounds kinda strange . . . Floyd, a very different kinda name. Not at all a standard kinda name like Duey, or even Huey for that matter.


Huey:              I kinda have to agree with Duey on that Floyd. . . Floyd is way different for a name.


Floyd:              Well where I come from Floyd is a common name, everyone knows Floyd where I come from. . . No one ever likely heard of the name Huey . .  or Duey either.


Duey:              Are you serious? . .  Wow! . . . You must be like from way another part of town.


Huey:              Maybe outta town even maybe.


Duey:              Floyd! . . . Hmmmm, more I hear the name, it like kinda grows on you.


Huey:              You know you are flat out right Duey . .  Floyd is kinda one of those cool names. Except . . . there is a problem.


Floyd:              What’s wrong with the name Floyd now?


Huey:              Maybe not a biggee but . .  I mean our names are Huey and Duey . . . They kinda go together, know what I mean? . . I can’t see Floyd working real well with another name.


Duey:              Just hold on Huey, there’s . . . No that won’t work . .  But there’s always . .


Huey:              I know! . . . Android. . . Floyd and Android work good together!


Duey:              Yah but Android is the name of a phone, not so much the name of a guy.


Floyd:              I’m not sure why you guys figure a guy’s name needs to rhyme up with another guy’s name. . . .


Duey:              Well, so long as you are good with it so am I . . . But anyhow . . . I am so excited!


Huey:              About what?


Duey:              About the party!


Huey:              What party?


Duey:              You know, the big birthday party that everyone is talking about!


Floyd:              There’s a big party and everyone’s talking about it?


Huey:              Oh yeah Floyd!  A really big party! (thinks) Who is it for, anyway?


Duey:              How am I supposed to remember?


Huey:              Well, I thought you wanted to go!


Duey:              Well of course I want to go, but that doesn’t mean I have to know who the party is for! 


Huey:              I guess you’re right!


Floyd:              Let me get this straight. . . . You two guys are excited about going to this here birthday party . .  but you don’t know whose birthday it is?


Huey:              Yep, that would be about it.


Duey excited:  Happy Birthday, what’s-his-name!  Yahoo!


Floyd:              Don’t you think it’s a little strange having a birthday party for someone that you don’t even know?


Duey:              What do you mean?  People do it all the time!


Floyd:              They do?


Duey:              Sure!  Look at Christmas – there is an occasion where tons of people all over the world get so busy with parties and presents and candies that they forget Christmas is actually Jesus’ birthday.


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