Operation Generation

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Daniel 11:33-35

Theme:            It is the duty of long-term Christians to live life in such a way as to be a living example of what is expected of a Christian. May be a Reader’s drama.

Bible Reference:         Daniel 11:33-35


Cast:                5 m or f
Bobby and Billie are younger


Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes:       standard


Time:             10


Sample of script:           


actors standing on stage, all silently watching offstage left


Jean:                Doesn't that just about beat all?


Jo:                   It is just so much today, isn't it?


Black comes onstage at upstage location, stands, listens


Jean:                All I wanna say is . . what is this world coming to?


Jo:                   Never gonna see that back in the day, that's for sure!


Jean:                No sireee! .  Back in the day kids learned respect, not like this bunch of monsters!


Black moves downstage to the others


Black:             What are you too complaining about?


Jean:                Maybe you didn’t hear those little criminals making all the racket?


Jo:                   I got a good mind to call the police, get them off the street.


Black:             Are you talking about the group of kids out in the park playing field hockey?


Jo:                   I have no interest in who they are or what they are doing.


Jean:                Likely all over the street, in the way of cars, causing accidents.


Black:             Well, like I say, the kids are playing in the park, if there are people driving their cars in the park I suggest you have the police over to tell the car drivers they best drive on streets and not in parks. But the kids are just fine, doing what they are supposed to be doing, where they are supposed to be doing it.


Jean:                You are forever standing up for the monster kids in this town.


Jo:                   I can tell by their voices, these were the same kids screamin’ their heads off half the night last night!


Black:             Let me get this straight. . . . You say these kids were screaming their heads off last night? . .  What time would that be?


Jean:                I heard them too, saw them with my own eyes. . . .


Jo:                   Started their shenanigans about 6 last night, went on until after midnight! . .  Like to drove me crazy!


Black:             Guys I am afraid you are wrong.


Jean:                You tell me I didn’t see that pack of yahoos with my own eyes?


Black:             Yup, guess that's what I am telling you. . . . Unless you were in the church gym across town. . . . See me and some of the other adults were leading kids Bible study last night. . .  And these were the kids.

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