Stages Of Messiah - Miracles

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 3 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke

Theme:            Scene 5 of an 8 scene readers drama, Stages Of Messiah, about different times in the life of Jesus and his ministry, this portion tells of some of the miracles Jesus performed.
These scenes, can be ordered and staged as self-standing dramas, (click on the individual item), are: birth, dedication at the temple, 12 year old at the temple, temptation of Jesus, Upper Room/Gethsemane, crucifixion and resurrection.


Bible Reference:          Luke & other Gospels


Cast:                3, narrator and 2 readers, male or female
plus required/desired number of actors for Tableaus


Set:                  blank with 3 chairs


Sound, Costumes: standard


Lighting:          Spotlights for narrator and readers and also for Tableau. Experiment with spot colours and locations to somewhat isolate the individual readers and the tableau but to leave the overall stage rather dark. Individual reading lights for readers.


Songs:             We recommend a portion of a relevant song to be sung by congregation at the end of each scene. Use the suggested song or select a personal favorite. Our aim in the selection was to use older songs and hymns as a means of re-introduction.


Tableau:           For each scene there is a suggested tableau where an image is created with silent and frozen actors at Upstage, highlighted by spotlight, or have the image on a wall in shadows or behind scrim. For more ideas contact DramaShare.


Time:              5 minutes  (plus song)


Sample of Script:


Scene V – Miracles Of Jesus (throughout the New Testament)


Tableau:         person laying, another getting to feet, third standing with arms outstretched in joy


R1:                 Regeneration!


R2:                 Revitalization!


R1:                 Restoration!


Narrator:        The New Testament has abundant examples of Jesus’ healing ministry.
And while the Jewish people would have expected that healing would be provided by the Jewish Jesus to Jewish people, this was not the case.
Jew and Gentile alike benefited from the remarkable healing powers of Jesus.
One of the first to benefit from Jesus’ miraculous healings was the slave of a Roman centurion, an officer in the Roman military.


R1:                 The centurion was a Gentile, and although Gentiles saw Jews as undesirables and underlings, this was obviously not the case with this centurion, who had help finance the rebuilding of the Jewish temple. The Jewish leaders begged Jesus to go to the home of the centurion where his servant was lying on his deathbed.


R2:                 Before Jesus had reached the centurion’s house the centurion came to meet him and said: “I am not worthy to have you in my house. But I recognize in you the ability to will my slave to be healed and I have faith it shall be done!”
Jesus was overcome by the faith of the centurion and challenged the crowd of Jewish people who were standing around to have such faith.


Narrator:        Gender did not dictate who would and who would not receive a healing. In a time when females placed far lower on the social and even value ranking, Jesus gave freely and equally of his time to women. This was of importance to Jesus but a source of annoyance to the Jewish leaders.

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