Joshua Dramatized - First 5 Chapters

  • Cast Number: 10
  • Run-time: 30 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Joshua 1:5
a dramatic look at Joshua as we review the first chapters of that Old Testament book.

Sample of script:

VOG: Joshua! Joshua, son of Nun! Answer me!

Joshua: Who is it? Who is speaking?

VOG: It is I, the Lord God Almighty. Listen to me Joshua, there is a lot you need to hear.

Joshua: Very well, I am not sure why You would speak to me.

VOG: My obedient servant, Moses, is dead. You have been Moses’ assistant, now it will be your duty to assume Moses’ responsibilities. I want you to prepare these, my people Israel, and to lead them as they cross the Jordan river.

Joshua: That is a huge task. Am I up to such a task?

VOG: I will be with you Joshua. Just as I promised my support to Moses, so I assure you that I will always be with you. I promised this land to Moses. I will lead you into the land. You will take all of the land presently occupied by the Hittite people; from the Negev to the Lebanon mountains, from the Euphrates river to the Mediterranean Sea.

Joshua: I know You are great and mighty, but are you sure we can be successful against these armies?

VOG: As long as you live no one will be able to oppose you. Be strong and bold, but remember you must always follow My instructions, obeying the laws which I gave you through Moses. If you do these things you will have success in all you do.

Joshua: We have the Book of the Laws.

VOG: Keep it with you, in all your deliberations keep its principles in mind. And I repeat myself because it is of great importance: be strong and bold! You have no reason for fear or discouragement for I will be with you at all times.

Joshua moves to another acting location.

Joshua, calling out: All of the captains of the tribes of Israel, cvome here. I have important news for you!

Several people come on stage, bow and listen to Joshua

Joshua: The Lord has spoken to me. I have been appointed by God to replace Moses. God has promised that He will be with me, just as He was with Moses.

Leader 1: Are you sure? Are you very sure He would be with you as He was with Moses? Did God actually say that?

Leader 2: Our people are concerned.

Leader 3: If God has given His promise we will be fine.

Joshua: God told me to remind all of you. The Lord has given you the land across the river. Now we must prepare to cross that river just three days from now. There is so much to do and to get ready.

Leader Rueben: And what of us, the tribes of Rueben, Gad and Manasseh? We have been given the land here on this side of the river.

Joshua: You too are needed. You will leave your wives, children and cattle here while all of your men in full battle dress lead the other tribes across the river to conquer the land which God has given to us on the far side of the river. After our land has been claimed then you will return here to settle in this land.

Leader Gad: We will do as you ask, and go where you send us, obeying you as we did Moses when he was God’s appointed leader. May your Lord God be with you, just as he was with Moses. Anyone who is against you will likewise be our enemy. Be strong and bold!

Joshua: I praise God for your strong support. Now go and get ready, in three days we will cross over to our homeland!

Leaders leave, Joshua walks to a spot where two men are sitting.

Joshua: You two, come here! Quietly! Now listen carefully, I have a very special and secret task for you. Tell no one where you are going, or what is your mission. I want you to go across the river and find out the state of the enemy. I am particularly interested in knowing about Jericho. When you have gathered your information I want you to report back directly to me, no one else.

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