Unlocking the Mystery

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 50 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Jeremiah 29:13

Unlock the mystery of God’s word!
The great-great-great granddaughters of the legendary Scotland Yard trio, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and Inspector Lestrade take on a new assignment to unlock the mystery of God’s word.
This five segment drama is particularly useful for VBS or children’s church activities, focuses on the “mystery of God’s word, with the five following sub-themes:
• God doesn’t have to be a MYSTERY to you. You can know him and understand the plans he has for you.
• Focus on some amazing stories from the Bible and know that they are TRUE
• We shouldn’t keep the Good News a SECRET from others
• Living a Christian life is a MISSION
• KNOW how to become a part of God’s family

Cast: 4
any age, male or female, adjust names accordingly
Inspector Les Traud (pronounced Les (pause) trawd
Sherry Holmes
Docky Watson

Set: none required but may be dressed up as much as available/desirable

Lighting, sound: standard

Costumes: Sherlock Holmes era clothing

Props: large Bible, magnifying glasses, licorice candy

Special Instructions: The three detectives could, but don’t necessarily need to, speak with English accents

Time: roughly 10 minute segments

Sample of script:

Sketch 1 - God doesn’t have to be a MYSTERY to you. You can know him and understand the plans he has for you.

Rae and Terry are looking at a large open book through magnifying glass, frustrated

Rae: Man, I can not figure this out!

Terry: Me neither.

Rae: What d’ya ‘spose it means. . . .?

Terry: Beyond me, that’s for sure.

Rae: I have tried and tried but . . . nothin’ is what!

Les comes on stage, watches, amused, from a distance

Terry: Amazes me how some folks can take a mystery like this and solve it like, (tries unsuccessfully to snap fingers), well, like real quick.

Rae: But professionals like that, they aren't just like wandering around, looking to help out folks like me and you.

Terry: Yah, I ‘spose you’re right, that sorta thing only happens like in the movies . .

Rae, laughing: Can you just imagine, we are standing here and some guy, (Les moves up behind Terry and Rae), just wanders up and says, ‘hi guys are you . . .’

Les: . . . looking for a professional?

Terry and Rae jump, frightened

Terry: Hey whooooa, who, what are you?

Les: Well, I couldn’t help overhearing that you are looking for a professional and, since I happened to be in the neighbourhood . . .

Rae: And who are you . . .?

Les: I am a special investigator, at Watuaga, (or name of local city), Yard.

Terry: Watuaga Yard?

Les: Yes.

Terry: And Watuaga Yard would be . . ?

Les: Local constabulary.

Rae: Constabulary?

Les, getting annoyed: Police station! . . . Really! . . . Amateurs!

Rae: Oh, you mean like as in Scotland Yard?

Les: Well, yes, on a somewhat smaller scale of course.

Terry: You mean, Scotland Yard, as in Sherlock Holmes?

Rae, laughing: And I suppose you have Dr. Watson on staff as well?

Les, annoyed: Noooooooooo! All those chaps lived back in the late 1800’s which means that they would be . .

Terry: They would be like really old dudes is what!

Les: I will have you know that we do have our own notables.

Rae: Such as . .?

Les: We have Sherry Holmes, . . and Docky Watson.

Rae, laughing: Sherry Holmes?

Terry: Docky Watson?

Les: Indeed! Great-great-great granddaughters of the same Sherlock and Doctor John Watson!

Rae: Are you serious? . . . They are here in Watuaga?

Les: They are that! . . And they promised me that they would be meeting me right here . . (looks at watch) . . about . . now.

Sherry and Docky come on stage, chatting with each other

Docky: Well, I must say Sherry old person, my great-great-great grandfather was never able, to his dying day, to deduce how your great-great-great grandfather was able to solve the mystery of the Lost Chronicles of the Andes.

Sherry: Elementary my dear Watson! See one must understand five key elements to the mystery.

Docky, deeply in thought, absorbing all: Five elements you say? . . Yes, yes, yes, go on, go on!

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