Boot Camp Buddies Series

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Genesis

A five part drama with a military boot camp theme, excellent for VBS.
Camp Follow-You is underway and everything had better be just right! . . Except that there is a new recruit named Chester Romeo Hunkalunk from Goose Feathers, Iowa who is, well, different.
In the first segment we find out how this . . group . . will show their love and support for each other. (John 13:35)
In the second segment we find the importance of trust. (Proverbs 3:5)
In the third segment we learn of the place, and the power, of prayer. (James 5:16)
In the fourth segment we find out the importance of obeying. (John 14:15)
In the final (fifth) segment the soldiers recap what they have learned.
Each segment has a “marching” song written to the theme.

Cast: 6 (could be male or female)
Hunkalunk, male recruit (a Gomer Pyle type person)
Adams, female recruit
Michaels, female, recruit
Sarge, male, blustery officer
Lieutenant, female, from headquarters
Captain, m or f, from headquarters

Lighting, set: standard

Sound: song “Follow Him” arranged and recorded by DramaShareDramaShare members will find this song file in “Script Songs” at the “TECHNICAL HELP” link.
NOTE that there are three music files from which to choose, the standard file which will work in most cases, a file with a longer introduction, and also a file “Marching Music” which can be used as interlude or background music.

Costumes: could be military uniforms for all except Hunkalunk

Props: big box for segment 2, chair

Time: 7 minutes each segment (approx), total 35 minutes (1st session slightly longer)

Sample of script:

Day 1 – John 13:35, love
This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other.

Michaels wanders on stage at parade grounds area, looks around, boredAdams comes on stage, sees Michaels, walks over

Adams: Hey there, you look lost, are you new here at Camp Follow-You too?

Michaels: For sure am! Name is Toni Michaels . . . sorry I should say . . Private Michaels.

Adams: Private Adams here!

Michaels: I am so excited about being here at boot camp!

Adams: Me too, I’ve been wanting to go to Camp Follow-You like . . forever!

Hunkalunk wanders on stage, wearing beach clothes, no shoes, other actors watch and wonder

Michaels: Uhhh, can we help you?

Hunkalunk: Came out to be part of this here Camp Follow-You thingie.

Michaels: “Camp Follow-You thingie”?

Hunkalunk: Yeppers! . . And like what’s you guy’s’s names?

Adams, proudly: I am . . Private . . .

Hunkalunk: Oh sorry, didn’t realize it was a secret . . (to Michaels) . . And your name is . . . ?

Michaels, proudly: I am . . Private . . .

Hunkalunk: Well I’ll be dogged . . first day at Camp Follow-You and I run into the secret service fellas first thing off the bat!

Michaels: No, you don’t understand, we are . . . private . .

Hunkalunk: Say no more, my lips are sealed is what . . An outright pleasure to make the acquaintance of two of our finest undercover officers, for sure!

Sarge comes on stage, sees the others

Sarge: Hattenchun!

Michaels and Adams snap to attention, Hunkalunk moves to Sarge, slaps him on the back

Hunkalunk: Hey there good buddy, how’s the world treatin’ you today?

Sarge, angry: I beg your pardon, how dare you? . . I am . .

Hunkalunk: You new here too? I came in on the 8:20 bus from Goose Feathers, Iowa, been wanderin’ around the camp . . stick with me, I can show you around.

Sarge, furious: Soldier I will have you court marshalled, I will . .

Hunkalunk: Oh don’t be goin’ on like that, no need to thank me . . . But I best give you a heads up, (points to Michaels and Adams), these two, best leave them be. .

Sarge, (to the other two): What’s your names? . .

Hunkalunk moves to Sarge, puts his hand over Sarge’s mouth to silence him, whispers to Sarge

Hunkalunk: Shhhhhhhhh! . . .That there is like . . private . . . My guess is these two are like secret service fellas, just best leave them alone is my advice. . . Don’t want you to get yourself in trouble, what this bein’ your first day at Camp Follow-You and all.

Sarge, angry: Get your hands off me soldier or you will be begging to peel potatoes in the kitchen!

Hunkalunk: Anytime you needs taters peeled you just call on old Chester Romeo Hunkalunk, (puts arm around Sarge’s shoulder), I’d for sure be pleased to help out!

Sarge, furious: I will have you know I am the sergeant of this here platoon and . .

Hunkalunk: Don’t you be puttin’ yourself down fella, why just like my mom told me before I left Goose Feathers, Iowa, she said, “Boy . . .” . . she always calls me boy on account of all the others in my family are girls . . except for my two hound dogs, they are boys too and . . .

Sarge, enraged: I have heard quite enough! . . Now I do not have time for this . . The Lieutenant from headquarters will be here any minute now for inspection and he will be reporting back to the General himself! . . So we had better . .

Lieutenant comes on stage, looks around, Adams, Michaels and Sarge jump to attention, Hunkalunk waves, very friendly

Lieutenant: Oh there you are, I have come from headquarters to welcome you new recruits. . . Good to see you Sergeant! . . And here we have some of the country’s finest . .

Hunkalunk: Well, sir, so sweet of you to call me the best, but you ain’t hardly even seen what I can do yet!

Lieutenant: Well I want to tell you soldiers the reason for boot camp here at Camp Follow-You. . See boot camp is not just the name of the place where we are at, it’s also what we do while we are here. Boot camp means we learn the skills to go into battle against enemy forces.

Adams, Michaels and Sarge, salute and say: Yes, sir!

Hunkalunk: Golly Lieutenant! Ain’t that somethin’! I for sure am glad I, Chester Romeo Hunkalunk, came to Camp Follow-You, I for sure want to fight the enemy!

Lieutenant: Good for you Hunkalunk! . . Now then, first thing we gotta learn is that the army is only as strong as their support of each other. . . Understand?

Hunkalunk: Readin’ you loud and clear, 10 – 4 and all that stuff, good buddy Lieutenant!

Lieutenant: Good, good . . . And it’s important that the enemy can see how much we in this army support one another.

Hunkalunk: My guess is, when the enemy sees how much we support each other, why they will take off, tails between their legs, faster’n a tree’d coon at the Goose Feathers, Iowa coon dog convention!

Lieutenant: Question for all you guys . . . What might we do to show the enemy how much we support each other in this army . . Go ahead now, I want your ideas!

Adams: Well, if another soldier was hurt we would like help them to safety. . Sir!

Lieutenant: Good . .good! . . Next?

Michaels: If we were out on manoeuvres and another soldier didn’t have enough to eat we could share our rations with him. . Sir!

Lieutenant: Excellent! . . What about you Sarge, any ideas of how we could show support?

Sarge: Well, sir, . . we obey all orders from our superior officers, sir!

Hunkalunk moves to Sarge, puts arm around him

Hunkalunk: Right on Sarge good buddy . . See Lieutenant, if Sarge here gives an order all us guys are gonna be proud to do it . . Give you an example . . (points to an invisible wall) . . . See that wall over there?

Lieutenant: Yes I see the wall Hunkalunk.

Hunkalunk: OK, let’s say ol’ Sarge here told us to run through that wall, OK?

Lieutenant: OK, then what?

Hunkalunk: Here’s what, (to Michaels and Adams), . . let’s go guys!

Hunkalunk, Adams and Michaels run into an invisible wall, fall over, get back up feeling bruises

Hunkalunk: Hey that some smarted but ol’ Sarge he gave the order, told us to run through that wall, so let’s get up and at it fellas!

they run at the invisible wall, hit it, fall

Sarge: In this army we support each other, c’mon guys, one more time!

Sarge, Hunkalunk, Adams and Michaels run toward the wall, they get slowed down but stand and “knock down the wall”, walk through it

Hunkalunk: Here we go good Lieutenant buddy, welcome to an army that cares about each other, and our General!

Lieutenant: So this is how they will know that we are soldiers in this army: . . . that we love one another!

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