Wart VBS Series

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 40 minutes

Welcome to the 3-2-1 Penguin Space Academy Vacation Bible School.
We know that you will have a very special time visiting our Space Center.
I am Commander Robert. Many of the things we do here at the Space Academy involve training Cadets to not only take care of themselves in outer space but to be sure they know the word of God.
We have even been doing some experimental work with Robots.
Let me show you what I mean. (Push buttons – noises I will come.)

This is a 5 day VBS script plus an extra segment based on the "Wart Lie Detector"

We know you, and the children, will have fun with these sketches, and they will learn from God's word.

Time: Each segment runs 4 to 7 minutes

Cast: 2

Sample of script

WART – (Comes center stage next to Commander Robert) Word Assimilating Robotic Transmitter reporting for duty Commander.

CR: WART I want you to tell these cadets…

WART – My name is Word Assimilating Robotic Transmitter. My name is not WART. That is a growth humans get on their skin that may need to be removed.

CR – I want you to alter your databases to respond to WART because the initials for Word Assimilating Robotic Transmitter spell WART. Make the necessary changes immediately.

WART – That burns my transistors. I can tell this is going to be a long week.

CR – Tell the kids what your assigned task is.

WART – I am the Beta Test version for a Robot that will be used to take the word of God to planets that have never heard the word of God before. We are still working a few minor bugs.

CR – Minor Bugs! I wouldn’t say they were minor. What about what happened just yesterday?

WART – There is a perfectly logical explanation for that.

CR – Really? Well I would love to hear this perfectly logical explanation for why you disassembled my toilet.

WART – I needed more input concerning the use of such devises. Robots do not require toilets.

CR – Why didn’t you just check the books concerning toilets?

WART – It is evident that you as my creator need debugged. It is obviously programming error, because I would have thought of that first if you had properly programmed me.

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