Gospel According To Josh Series

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 60 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Joshua

A 5 part comedy script for VBS or children’s ministry, based on the Biblical truth that when God is with us he will provide strength and courage.
The specific topic for each day is:


1. Monday (God’s Promise) - “When God is along, you’re courageous and strong.”

2. Tuesday (God’s Protection) - `“When God protects, just imagine what’s next.”

3. Wednesday (God’s Pathway) - “It will be okay, when God leads the way.”

4. Thursday (Picture What God has done) – “Picture today the way you will pray.”

5. Friday (God’s Power) - “Plug into God’s power with a shout every hour!”


Cast:              3 (could be male or female)
In all segments: Josh and Posh
Plus an additional character each day (could be the same actor):
Day 1: Person
Day 2: SS
Day 3: Marty
Day 4: Susan
Day 5: Leslie


Costumes:     Day 3 – Marty wears construction clothing


Props:            Huge pea made out of Styrofoam
(Day 2) Camera, trench coat
(Day 3) construction tools
(Day 4) painting, paper, materials
(Day 5) video game and batteries


Special Instructions:   Special rap song continues through the drama, being a rap there is really no music to it, just have fun with it
While rapping the actors and the children are “Walking like Egyptians”  See the example at:  http://www.ehow.com/how_2126603_walk-like-egyptian.html


Time:             approx. 12 minutes per segment, total 60

Script:            Day 1 – God’s Promise  “When God is along, you’re courageous and strong.”


Scripture passage: Joshua 1:5-9


Memory verse:  “Be strong and courageous.” Joshua 1:9


Josh comes on stage, sits on chair, reading a book

Soon Person comes on stage, very tentative, obviously afraid of everything around

Josh sees Person, crosses to Person


Josh:                Hi.


Person, jumps, terrified:        
Who . .  Wha . . .  Who are you? . .


Josh:                Hey, didn’t mean to scare you . .  My name’s Josh and I am . .


Josh holds out hand to shake, Person pulls back


Person:            Don’t touch me . .


Josh takes a step back


Josh:                Sorry to startle you, I just . .


Person:            Well you are a stranger and this is like a strange place and I . .


Josh:                Well, yes, we haven’t met before so I guess I am a stranger and . .


Person:            I just like never, ever could talk to a stranger . .


Josh:                Well, like you said, I am a stranger, and you are kinda talking to me and . . .


Person:            Oh my, that’s true, I am talking with you and I don’t like that and I am bad frightened . . .


Posh comes on stage pushing/pulling/dragging a large replica/graphic of a pea

Person is very frightened, hides behind Josh

Posh stops, wipes his forehead with a large hanky


Posh:               You simply have no idea just how much hard work it is moving this around!


Josh:                What . . is that?


Posh:               Seriously, you don’t know what this is?


Josh:                No, I seriously don’t know what that is, now are you going to tell me?


Posh:               Thought everyone would know what this is . .  I mean, you, (pointing at Person), you know what this is, right?


Person:            I don’t care to know what that huge monster thing is . .  It just makes me so afraid, I mean what if it falls over and lands on top of me and . . .


Posh:               Wow! . . This is really something, neither of you know what this is . . Real strange!
pushes the pea further downstage toward audience, points at children
You guys know what this is, don’t you?


Posh encourages children to say it is a pea


Posh:               Exactly boys and girls, this is a pea. . .(to the others) . . And to think you two didn’t know this was a pea.


Josh:                Well I knew it was a pea, it’s just I don’t know what it does, why you are bringing it out here.


Posh, amazed: You don’t know what a pea does? . .  How could you not know what a pea does? . What is your name?


Josh:                Well I am Josh.


Posh:               Josh you amaze me, not knowing about peas!
(turns to Person)
And seems you don’t know what a pea is either, do you?


Person, shy:    I, . .  well . . .  I’m afraid . .  I’m afraid . . I just didn’t know what to say.


Josh, to Posh: And what is your name?


Posh, proud:   My name is . .  Posh. . . 
(talks to children)
And what does my name . .  Posh . . . start with?
(encourages children to say “P”)
Posh starts with “P” . . (points to pea)  just like this pea.


Josh, astonished:       
Posh? . .  Your name is . . Posh?


Posh:               Yes Josh, my name is Posh, Josh.


Person, confused, to Josh:     
Your name is Posh Josh?


Josh:                No not Posh Josh, Josh.


Person:            You are Posh Josh Josh?


Posh:               No not Posh Josh Josh, his name can’t be Posh Josh Josh.
(to Josh)
If your name was Posh Josh Josh then my name would be Posh Posh Josh Josh.


Person, to Posh:         
So let me get this straight . . . your name is Posh Posh Josh Josh . . and
(to Josh)
your name is Posh Josh Josh?
Couldn’t your parents come up with normal names?


Posh:               Wait, you’ve got it all wrong. . . My name is Posh.


Josh:                And my name is Josh.


Posh,  to Person:       
And what is your name?


Person:            Oh I can’t tell you that, I would be afraid . . .


Posh:               Afraid? . . Why would you be afraid?


Person:            Well, I am afraid to tell you my real name so . .  just call me . . Person.


Josh:                Person? . .  What kind of a name is  . . Person?


Posh:               Maybe not so bad . .
(to children)
Boys and girls, what does . . Person . .  start with?
(encourages kids to say “P”)
You are right . . Person starts with “P”
Just like my name . .  Posh
And just like  . . (points to pea) . .  my pea.


Josh:                Well Posh, I can see where your name starts with “P” . .  and that’s cool. . .And this here . . pea . .  it starts with “P” as well . .
But  . .  Person . .  I mean who would want to call himself . . Person?


Person:            Well see, it’s just that everything is so very scary . .  and, I mean, I just can’t do anything right! . .  And I am not strong . . And, I guess I am just a loser!


Josh, annoyed:            Hey hold up there, Person!
See God made you and God never did make losers, understand?


Person:            But I can’t run as fast as some of the guys, and I can’t hit a baseball very good and . .


Josh:                So you aren’t the world’s best baseball player, you are good at some other things, right?


Person:            Well, I am kinda good at math, and I do have a really awesome bottle cap collection.


Josh:                There you go! . . .  Fact is God made you, and God sees you as courageous and strong.


Person, shock: Me? . . . I am courageous and strong?


Josh:                Certainly are! . .  You need to remember, God said when you do his will his strength will live in you.


Person:            He said that?


Josh:                More than said it, God gave us his assurance.


Posh:               Assurance huh? . .  I do believe we have another “P” word here!
(to children)
What are we saying when we tell someone that for sure we are gonna do something?
(urges children to say “PROMISE”)
That’s right! . . “P” is for . . PROMISE . .   God promised that he would be with us wherever we go, and that his courage and strength would live in us.


Josh:                That’s right Posh. God tells us to be strong and courageous.


Person:            Wow! . .  I never realized God gave us that kind of promise!


Josh:                Sure did Person!


Person:            Actually, my name is Peter, (or Penny if female).


Posh:               Awesome another “P” word. . . Like, (points to pea) . . pea and Posh . . .


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