J Team Superheroes

  • Cast Number: 7
  • Run-time: 75 minutes

A 5 segment Vacation Bible School or children’s activity.
Welcome to W-I-S-H, the World Institute For Super Heroes!
Here, (apparently), would-be super heroes come for training.
But here they quickly learn that the only real super hero is Jesus.
Taught through Noah (Obedience), Joshua (Courage), Ruth (Loyalty), David (Faithfulness) and Jesus (Love), children learn how these characteristics are important in our lives.

Bible Reference:         several


Cast:                7, male or female, any age

Super Sam, (SS), a self proclaimed Super Hero
Flash, wants to be a Super Hero
Georgie, wants to be a Super Hero
Terry, the wise one of the group
Hannah Banana (HB)
Rah & Rahrah, Super Sam’s (not very good) singers


Set:                can be as plain or decorated as desired
A large sign above the stage area: WELCOME TO W-I-S-H
Need a large banana tree and 5 large bananas with a means to securely set the bananas upright
5 Bananas will have a covering each of which can be peeled off to expose the words:
Large banana graphics for the floor


Lighting:       as available


Sound:           as available
Hillsong Kids song “Jesus You’re My Super Hero” could be used


Costumes:     Super Sam, Flash and Georgie are dressed as Super Heroes
Rah and Rahrah are dressed as rap singers
Hanna Banana is dressed as . .  you guessed it . .  a banana
Terry is dressed in standard clothing




Special Instructions:  


Time:             approximately 15 minutes per segment, total 75 minutes


Sample of script:


Day 1: Noah’s Obedience


Terry, Flash and Georgie are offstage outside the room, their voices are heard inside


Terry:              I have no idea where we are. . .  


Georgie:           Well I do know where we are . . . we are lost that’s where!


Flash:              No idea how that happened.


Terry:              You have no idea? . . . You were the one who said you knew how to get to (name of church).


Flash:              Yes I did say that .. .  and yes I did know how to get there . . . But I didn’t know you wanted me to lead you guys.


Georgie:           Then why did you say, “Follow me, I know where I am going!”


Flash:              I say that a lot, but that doesn’t mean you should like follow me.


Georgie:           What’s with all the huge banana peels all over?


Flash:              Can you just imagine the size of the monkey?


Terry:              What monkey are you talking about Flash?


Flash:              The monkey that peeled and ate that banana.


Terry:              Flash, these are graphics.


Flash:              Graphics?


Terry:              Pictures of banana peels.


Flash:              Pictures?


Terry:              They are not real bananas Flash.


Flash:              Well not now, but before the monkey ate the banana it was real.


actors enter from the back of the room, looking lost


Georgie:           Looks like there’s something up ahead.


Flash:              Look there’s a whole bunch of kids in here.


Terry:              And there’s a sign, it says “WISH” . . . . I wonder what that means?


Flash:              Well all the kids and that WISH sign must mean we are at Disneyland.


Georgie:           Why would a group of kids and a “WISH” sign mean we are in Disneyland?


Flash:              Well kids go to Disneyland, and I always say I wish I could go to Disneyland. . . I guess it has finally happened. . . . Welcome to Disneyland Terry and Georgie!


Terry:              Now you are just being silly Flash! . . . You know very well that Disneyland is in California and we are in (name of province or state).


Flash:              My bad Terry, you are right. . . . But that humongous monkey must be hiding somewhere close around.


Georgie:           Where do you see the monkey?


Flash:              How am I supposed to see the monkey?  . . .  Like I say, the monkey is hiding.


Terry:              I know I shouldn’t ask this Flash, but how do you know there is a monkey hiding?


actors come on stage


Flash:              You guys don’t look around much do you? . . .  Maybe see that gynormous banana tree up here on the stage? . . .
(Flash touches the first banana)
You just watch . .  that humongous monkey will pounce out and chomp up one of these huge bananas any minute now!


Terry, taps on the banana:     
No monkey will be eating this banana, seems like it’s made of wood.


Flash:              Maybe the humongous monkey is a woodetarian.


Terry:              A woodetarian? . .  What is a woodetarian?


Flash:              A woodetarian is like a vegetarian only they eat wood, not vegetables.


SS comes on stage, watches the actors


Georgie:           I wonder what this “WELCOME TO WISH” sign means?


SS:                   That sign means . . .Welcome to W-I-S-H.
And to welcome you to W-I-S-H . . . here is . . .  Rah and Rahrah!


Terry, confused:          
Rah and Rahrah?


SS:                   Yup, Rah and Rahrah.


Rah and Rahrah come on stage rapping


R & R:             Doncha wish that you could be
A super singer just like me
A super singer who can sing
All the songs that make you swing
All the songs that make us proud
To be so cute, well dressed and loud.


following lines are sung quickly together as though a single line, and immediately into the next line


Rah:                 I am Rah


Rahrah:           Rahrah is me


R & R:             I am the best you’ll ever see.
I am famous, I am funny
And I make a bunch of money
Here we go . .


R & R move upstage still rapping


R & R:             Rah . .  Rah . . Rah, rah, rah, rah, rah!
Rah . .  Rah . . Rah, rah, rah, rah, rah!


Rah and Rahrah strike celebrity pose


Georgie, shock:           
What was . . .  that,  . . . exactly?


SS, proud:       That was our very own W-I-S-H greeters, Rah and Rahrah! . . .  Doncha just love them?


Terry:              Well, they are . . .  (thinks) . .  different . . . for sure.


SS, proud:       We pride ourselves at being different here at W-I-S-H.


Georgie:           Wish?


SS:                   The World Institute for Super Heroes!


Flash:              Wow! . . . I always wanted to visit the World Institute for Super Heroes, haven’t you Terry?


Terry:              Actually Flash, I have never even heard of the World Institute for Super Heroes.


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