Growing Your Fruit Factor

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 60 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Galatians 5:22-23

Theme:            5 part series of skits based on the fruits of the spirit.
A kind of “Beverly Hillbillies” feel to a family who is hosting children for a Vacation Bible type program.

Bible Reference:         Galatians 5:22-23


Cast:              5
Granny - granny of the family
Leroy- the father of the family
Sue Ellen - daughter of the family - (m or f)
Cousin Jim Bob - who is a goof, a country "hick" - (m or f)
Tracy - the less than enthusiastic teen from the city- (m or f)


Set:                blank set, decorate as desired
Have small banners or flags for each of the 9 fruits of the spirit, size depends on the size of the room. Large enough to be seen by all but not so large as to be overpowering.


Lighting, Sound:         standard


Costumes:     Tracy will have contemporary clothing, others will be dressed in work clothing


Props:            Pocket watch, Bible, banners or flags with the 9 fruits of the spirit identified


Music:           “Thank God For Our Happiness” to the tune of “Thank God I’m A Country Boy”
For more ideas on this song and dance see:
Lyrics to “Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down In My Heart”
For further information click here
“I Am So Glad” lyrics to “This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made”
For further information click here


Time:             10 – 15 minutes per segment, total 60 minutes

Sample of script

Day 1 – Joy & Peace


Granny comes on stage, rubbing her eyes, yawning

Pulls out a pocket watch, focuses, shocked


Granny, loud:  Leroy! . .  . Jim Bob! . . .  Sue Ellen! . . .
Hurry! . . . Get outta bed! . . .  We’ve gone and slept in!
(pounds on a pot with wooden spoon)
It’s near to six o’clock in the mornin’!
We’ve slept in!
(pounds on pot, harder)
You young-uns, outta bed, there’s chores to be done up!


Leroy and Sue Ellen come on stage, tired, yawning, rubbing eyes


Leroy:             Granny what are you catterwallerin’ about?


Granny:           Me caterwallerin’ is it? . . . About time some of you young-uns got your lazy bones outta bed. Here it is six AM and the cows ain't been milked, pigs ain't been fed! . .  It’s fruit growin’ season and we best be up and at it if we want a good fruit crop!


Sue Ellen:       How come we gotta be outta bed and cousin Jim Bob ain't outta bed Granny?


Granny:           That Jim Bob, he takes after his momma Geraldine. Geraldine she was a hard one to rouse from bed as well. Many times I had to pour a pail of cold water on that child to get her outta bed. . . . And I refuse to have that happen with her son!
(Granny pounds furiously on a pot)
Jim Bob, you get outta bed and get your breakfast!


Jim Bob rushes on stage, sleepy, afraid


Jim Bob:         Who? . .  What? . . Where? . . Sounds like a war goin’ on somethin’ terrible.


Sue Ellen:       No war Jim Bob . . . It was Granny, gettin’ you to get outta your bed.


Jim Bob:         Aww Granny, now that ain't fair. . .  I was just havin’ the bestest sleep ever, dreamin’ of eatin’ a big ol’ fruit salad.


Granny:           Ain't gonna be no fruit for the fruit salad if’n we don’t get out there and get our chores done up.


Tracy comes on stage, annoyed


Tracy:             How am I supposed to sleep with all this noise out here?


Granny:           Good to see you up and around Tracy, was afraid you might sleep all day, and us got farmin’ work to do.


Tracy, looks at watch:           
It’s six o’clock, it’s the middle of the night!


Leroy:             Middle of the mornin’ is what it is Tracy. . .  Seems all of us slept in this mornin’ . . . except for Granny that is. . . . But you got an excuse, your momma bringin’ you out here late last night and all.


Sue Ellen:       It is for sure gonna be nice, you stayin’ with us here at the farm for the week, you bein’ from the big city and all. We sure do want to thank you for comin’”


Tracy:             Don’t thank me, it wasn’t my idea. My mother decided it’s what I wanted to do. . And I didn’t . .  and I don’t! . . . Now if you don’t mind too much . .  I am going back to bed!


Tracy starts to move offstage, Leroy moves to Tracy, arm around his shoulders, leads him back


Leroy:             Us folks on the farm we don’t be in bed in the daytime, usually we get up 5 . . 5:30 in the morning to work in the orchard before the sun gets too hot.


Jim Bob:         For sure you don’t want to be workin’ in the orchard in the heat of the day, it like to give you heat stroke.


Tracy:             I do not want to work in the orchard at any time, day or night.


Granny:           How do you expect to get your fruit if’n you ain’t workin’ in the orchard boy?


Tracy:             I expect to get fruit and all other food from the supermarket, same as everyone else does.


Leroy:             How do you figure the fruit gets to the supermarket boy (girl)?


Tracy:             Never thought much about it, but it seems to be doing just great without my help up to now. I will just count on that lasting a bit longer.


Sue Ellen:       You just stick with me Tracy, I will have you knowin’ all there is to know about fruit in no time flat.


Granny:           Let’s all get goin’ and stop this here chin waggin’ . . . The peaches and pears and apples and such for sure ain’t gonna look after themselves!


Leroy:             Granny is right,  . .  so lets us go and get the work started.


Sue Ellen:       Fine then Pa, why don’t you rouse us and get us goin’ . . .  sing us a “get goin’ in the mornin’” kind’a song and we’ll all get started.


Leroy:             Well, maybe that for sure could help us out a little bit, so, here goes!


Leroy, sings, the others clap hands in time, dance around
We have such a good life, out here on the farm
All friends and family, workin’ arm in arm
We work and we play, and there’s no alarm
Thank God for our happiness!


Granny:           That was a plumb good “get goin’ in the mornin’ kind’a song” Leroy. . . 


Leroy:             Well thanks a bunch for the compliment Granny, but fact is a “get goin’ in the mornin’ kind’a song” needs more than just one singer to be effective.


Jim Bob:         Well shucks Uncle Leroy, . . why me and Sue Ellen and Granny and Tracy here, we can all join in and sing and dance ‘til your heart’s content!
(sings loud and off key, other actors react by making faces, covering ears)
We have such a good life, out here on the farm . . .


Tracy, shock:  What was that?


Leroy, interrupts Jim Bob’s singing:
Hey Jim Bob, for a fact we all do appreciate your singin’ boy, but way I see it we need a whole great big bunch of folks singin’ and dancin’ for to make real loud singin’.


Granny:           For a fact we do Leroy . . . We need a ton of singers for to cover over Jim Bob’s squawkin’ and screamin’!


Jim Bob:         Now Granny that ain't no way to talk about my singin’! . . . I will have you know that just last week I was asked to sing solo.


Granny:           My guess is folks asked you for to sing . .  so low . . that you couldn’t be heard.


Sue Ellen:       Pa you say you want a great big bunch of folks to sing and dance. . .  Just where do you expect to get a great big bunch of folks way out here on the farm?


Granny, points at the children in the audience:       
Open up your eyes girl.


Jim Bob:         Hey doggies, will y’alls just see that.


Sue Ellen:       For sure, a ton of folks.


Jim Bob:         I just had me an idea. . . Why don’t we have the ton of folks out there sing along and dance while I am singin’?


Granny, raises eyebrows:      
For sure you are a genius boy!


Leroy:             Boys and girls, would you help, sing and celebrate with me?

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