Power Out Of This World Puppet Script

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 50 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 147:5

Theme:            Ready to go on a space ship to the moon?
This is a puppet companion to “Power Out Of This World” 5 segment series for VBS or children’s church, this script useful for the younger children. This drama  tells how God’s power is out of this world. God shows his power in creating, protecting, loving, healing and saving. The 2 puppets plus a small part for a leader examine God’s power by working through the various ways God shows his power.

Bible Reference:         Psalm 147:5


Cast:                2 puppets plus a leader


Set:                  Day 1: blank stage
Day 2: the rough frame of a spaceship
Day 3: spaceship is somewhat more complete
Day 4: spaceship is almost complete
Day 5: spaceship is complete
NOTE the set can be as impressive or as basic as the producer desires


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:   standard, although you may want space uniforms and helmets


Props:              none


Songs:             “Climb Upon A Spaceship” (author unknown) to tune of “Itsy Bitsy Spider” is used as ongoing song, additional verses written by DramaShare
Human Video: “My God Is So Big” is used in Day 4 and 5
see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBtmu-iZISs


Time:             50 minutes (approx 10 minutes per segment)


Sample of script:           


Day 1 - God's power to create - Creating story


puppets come on stage


Zip, to Tripp:   Hey! . . Who are you?


Tripp:              Who’s asking?


Zip:                  Who’s asking who’s asking?


Tripp:              This isn’t getting us anywhere. . .  Fine, I will go first. My name is . .


Zip, interrupts: Zip.


Tripp:              No! . . . I am Tripp.


Zip:                  Not Tripp! . .  Zip.


Tripp:              Zip it Zip, I am Tripp.


Zip:                  Well don’t give me lip Tripp. . . . I am Zip!


Tripp:              This isn’t working out Zip.


Zip:                  You are right on that Tripp. We need to work on working together.


Tripp:              I am all for that Zip, working together will create better friends.


Zip:                  Creating you say Tripp?


Tripp:              Yes Zip, creating.


Zip:                  Creating. . . . . Hmmmm . . . . . And just what do you mean by creating Tripp?


Tripp:              Create. . .  Creating means building, forming, making . . . Zip.


Zip:                  I think I understand Tripp. . . Kinda like creating a curl in the middle of your forehead . . or creating rosy cheeks.


Tripp:              Well . .  I like gotta say Zip I for sure never did think of curls in the middle of your forehead or even rosy cheeks when I mentioned creating.


Zip:                  Never thought of curls in the middle of your forehead or even rosy cheeks when you mentioned creating huh Tripp?


Tripp:              Nope Zip, I can for sure say I never even one time thought of curls or rosy cheeks. . . Never once. . . . I more thought about creating a house . .  or maybe a swing in the backyard. . .  But zero curls or rosy cheeks. . .  Sorry to disappoint Zip.


Zip:                  Hey no problem Tripp. . .  It’s all good . ..  Guess when I think of creating I just naturally think of mess.


Tripp:              Mess Zip?


Zip:                  Yes, mess Tripp. . .


Tripp:              Wanna give me some idea of why you think of mess when you think of creating, Zip?


Zip:                  I shall do that Tripp. . . See when I am with my friends playing in my living room my Mom will often say . . “Don’t go and create a mess Zip!”


Tripp:              I can flat out hear your mom say that Zip.


Zip, looks around:      
Where? . . Where is my Mom? . . . Mom! . . . Are you here Mom?


Tripp:              No your mom isn’t here Zip. . .  I just said I could hear your mom say . . .


Zip:                  Hold on Tripp. . . Whatever are you saying? . . . First you say my Mom isn’t here, then you say you can hear her here. . . . Now how can she not be here if you hear her talking here when you have said here that you hear her here?


Tripp:              I had trouble hear . . . ing you Zip.


Zip, looks around:      
Looks like someone has been creating here Tripp.


Tripp, confused:         
Creating . . . Creating what . . . exactly Zip?


Zip, firmly:       Creating Tripp! . . . I said . .  creating Tripp! . . Someone . . is . .  creating a mess, Tripp!


Tripp, confused:         
Creating a mess Zip?


Zip:                  Please Tripp . . Open your eyes Tripp! . . (points to spaceship) . . Over there Tripp!


Tripp:              Oh that Zip. . . That is a spaceship Zip.


Zip, confused:  A spaceship zip, . . Tripp? . . Whatever is a spaceship zip, I ask you Tripp?


Tripp:              No, Zip spaceship.


Zip:                  OK this is worse and getting worser Tripp. . . So from what you tell me, Tripp, we have a spaceship zip, and a zip spaceship Tripp. . . Am I right Tripp?


Tripp, frustrated:        
No, a spaceship Zip! . . Listen . . Zip, spaceship!


Zip:                  I’m gonna walk away from that Tripp, on account of it’s too painful not to.


Tripp, looks at spaceship:       
That’s gonna be some spaceship when it’s build, isn’t it Zip


Zip:                  You mean that mess is gonna be a spaceship, Tripp?


Tripp:              We are creating a spaceship.  . . . And, Zip, we are going to the moon.


Zip:                  To the moon you say Tripp.


Tripp:              Yes Zip, to the moon. We are creating a spaceship, we will put in all the equipment, then it is . . .  zoom, zoom, Zip! . .  Just you listen!


Song:               We are so excited
We’ve got so much to do
Now’s the time for planning
We will have room for you
It’s an adventure
A fun thing through and through
And if you are with us
You’ll have a great time too!
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1---BLAST OFF!!


Zip:                  Wow Tripp, so that means like even I can blast off to the moon?


Tripp:              Sure can Zip . . .  just as soon as we are done creating the spaceship.


Zip:                  This here creating thing is really something Tripp.


Tripp:              Surely is Zip . . and it all started way back at the beginning of time.


Zip:                  That likely was when my Grandpa was a kid. Grandpa is way old.

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