Reaching The Community

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Hebrews 13:2

A three part drama for 3 actors based on reaching out to the community, what a church should be all about, being there for those in need. Could be used in VBS or outreach

Sample of script:

1 comes on stage, obviously bored, stretches, kicks some imaginary stone, sighs a lot

1: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! (big sigh, looks around) I am so flat out bored, nothing to do around here. No one around, nothin’ to do. The baseball stadium is empty, nothin’ goin’ on. A borin’, borin’ day is what!

1 sits down, chin in hands, 2 comes on stage

2: Hey 1, how’s you? Sittin’ here with all your friends I see.2 laughs, 1 looks around as though looking for “friends”

1: Friends?

2: It was a joke 1. A ha-ha, OK?

1: Well hardee har har is all I can say!

2: You are gonna have to restrain yourself 1, next thing you know you might actually smile a little.

1: And my reason to smile would be . . . .?

2: Wowwwwwww! You are some kinda out of it here!

1: Well why wouldn’t I be, I mean it is a way bad borin’ day! See all the guys over there, just standin’ doin’ nothin’.

2: Well, hey, wow, when I came here I was like way happy, but I can kinda see what you are sayin’ like maybe it is a bit of a somewhat borin’ day, kind of like . .

1: 2, give your head a shake! It is not a bit of a borin’ day, fact is it is a way bad borin’ day! Not one thing about today is worth even thinkin’ about . .

2: Wow! Like you mean . . . not one thing is worth even a little bit thinkin’ about cause it’s . . .

1: 2! Look deep into my eyes! It is a junker day! When the history of all time is written today will be highlighted in red cause it is the day when yuck ruled!

2: Yuck? Ruling? Wow! . . Hey listen, 1, mind if I pull up a chair here and I sit with you, just so’s we can talk more about what a yuck day it is?

1: Whatever! But don’t think you are gonna make me feel good, look on the bright side, whatever, not gonna happen, understood?

2: Hey I am cool with that, fact is I think this is such a bad day that it seems to me that . . ..

1, annoyed: Seems to you what?

2: Well, what I was gonna say was, this is such a bad day that I think what you said about it being a bad day makes you sound like an optimist.

1, jumps up, knocks over his chair, very upset: Look here bub! Ain’t nobody gonna go around callin’ 1 an optimist! Understand?

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