Temptation Island

  • Cast Number: 7
  • Run-time: 55 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 26:41

Temptation Islands is a series of five scripts looking at the conflict between God's will for our lives and the things of this world. We specifically look at pleasure, popularity, pride and possessions (useful in VBS)

Sample of script:

Scene I

at opening the actors speak (bad) poetry

Monica: Welcome, welcome, come along Please do join our happy throng, Here among the islands, we, Gather here, in lives so free.

Betty: On Temptation Islands, all, Gather here to have a ball. We will sing and we will dance, To be sad there’ll be no chance.

Laura: Temptation Islands is the place, Put “human” back in “human race”. I can do what e’er I will, Each new day, another thrill.

Trish: No more church and no more school, Who cares about the Golden Rule? (points at Betty) Over there is Pleasure Island, (points at Laura) Popularity Isle’s in the highlands.

Norma: It’s so great, I’m pleased to say, We make our own rules every day, (points at self)

On Possessions Island, which is mine, (point at Trish) And on Pride Island, which belongs to Brian. (pronounce “brine”)

Alphonso: What is going on here?

Monica: And who might you be, me hearty?

Alphonso: “Me hearty”? .. . My name is Alphonso, and I have never heard such racket and such . . . (incredulous) . . “Brine”? What is . . who is “Brine”?

Monica, points to Trish: Brian.

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