Ten Oughta Dos Series

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 60 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Exodus 20:3-17

God gave us the Ten Commandments as rules to live by, but people tend to turn them into the ten suggestions.

Sample of script:

Opening Segment:

Reginbald is on stage as Terry comes enters

Reginbald: Forsooth, who goes there? Who art thee?

Terry: Forsooth?

Reginbald: Who might thee be?

Terry: Thee?

Reginbald: Dost thou not answer in manner other than single word?

Terry: Dost?

Reginbald: Thou art becoming nigh to annoying.

Terry: Thou?

Reginbald: Forsooth, had I my trusty broadsword surely I wouldst run thee through.

Terry: Does anyone have any idea what you are talking about? Try speaking English pal!

Reginbald: I shouldst have thee know that myself speakest in the veritable King’s English.

Terry: Then best give it back to the King! Where did you learn to talk like that?

Reginbald: Forsooth myself was partner to Shakespearean dawdling this past fortnight.

Terry: Shakespearean dawdling huh? I hate to be the one to break this to you but Shakespeare died like . . way long time ago.

Reginbald: deeply offended: “Way long time ago”? Ewwwww, puhleaaasssee! Thy scurvy manhandling of the language truly doth attack mine sensitivities! Besides, for those of us emboldened to follow the bard, surely the good Sir William shall never die, but live on in our heart of hearts.

Terry: Would you mind telling me who you are . . . or what? And plain old English would work best, if you will.

Reginbald: Oh, fine, if I must! Peasants! I am Reginbald P. Porterhouse, a student of Shakespearean language arts.

Terry: I see, and as I understand it, that would mean you are enrolled in a bare bones, entrance level, forty hour class in ancient writing down at Green River Community College, right?

Reginbald, embarrassed: Well, perhaps, yes, but it is my plan to continue my studies onward and upward, mayhap to .. .

Terry: English, remember?

Reginbald: Oh, whatever! It is not easy being a student of languages.

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