But Im Ready

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 24:14

Lighter look at Jesus' decision to delay His return, ". . and then the end will come"

This two-actor drama is a "lighter" look at examining Christ's decision for waiting to return to earth. The drama emphasizes that God's purpose is far deeper than human plans.

Sample of script:

Scene opens as Billie (male or female) is sitting, anxiously awaiting an arrival The audience could speculate that the person is waiting for a bus, or for a person to meet them but it is never completely revealed who s/he is waiting for. Actor checks his watch periodically. Billie would look to extreme downstage left, eyes and body moving toward downstage center as though following the sight of a bus or person coming from left to right. When the imaginary person nears downstage center position the Billie’s reaction will show that this is not the person who he is waiting for. Billie then shows displeasure, taps watch, looks around, “sees” another bus or person coming at extreme downstage left, follows this movement as before, same reaction that this is not the right person.

Billie to self: Where could he be? I've been ready for a long time! I made sure that I gave myself extra time today, because I knew he'd be coming. I think I've got everything taken care of - I've had to-do lists posted all over for ... for, well, it feels like forever! Oh, what would be taking so long? He knows that I'm ready to go! Why isn't he here by now?

As Billie is checking "down the road", Fran comes into the scene. Fran is obviously flustered and appears to be disorganized. Fran frantically throws self down on the seat beside Billie and waits.

Billie turns and looks at Fran in disgust.

Billie What are you doing here?

Fran Well, I almost didn't make it, but I'm ready to go now!

Billie You couldn't possibly be ready to go! Look at you - you're a mess! Have you made proper preparations?

Fran Yes, of course! I –

Before Fran can start to speak, Billie interrupts.

Billie Let me tell you what I've done to get ready! I made sure I packed well, got a haircut, dusted the bookshelves, cleaned the fridge, and I even changed the oil in my car!

Fran looks at Billie very quizzically.

Fran You cleaned your fridge?

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