Unexpected Without Excuse

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 14:18-19

Without Excuse means to not have a reason or complaint. Specifically for Christians, without excuse is a state of being where no obstacle or difficulty is allowed to sway that person from the straight and narrow path. No excuse, no situation, and no words can cause a person who is without excuse to waver in their relationship with God or the goals God has given that person. Without excuse means you live your life excuse free and do what God says NO MATTER WHAT. Without excuse means - JUST DO IT!!!!! Don't worry about what other people might think or say.

Cast: Five or more, either gender, teen or early adult

Sample of script:

1 is on stage, 2 comes on stage

1: Hey 2, what for the long face?

2: Just heard from university, I was hoping, praying, to be accepted into College of Law. Got a letter back from university today, no room. In the same mail there was an invitation from seminary, apparently someone at church has recommended me to be a pastor.

1: Hey, awesome! Guess God answered your prayer, huh?

2: As if! I really wanted to be in Law.

1: But you did pray, obviously God had other ideas.

all other actors on stage

3: Hey, 2, what’s this I hear, you are going to seminary? Pastor 2! Has a ring to it!

4: Yes, I am so proud and happy for you, 2!

2: Bummer! Sure wasn’t what I expected! Never in my craziest dreams did I dream of being a pastor.

5: Seems like when you hang around God, your craziest dreams aren’t crazy enough.

1: I read what you are saying, 5. With God you expect the unexpected. And you do as God instructs. Without excuse.

5: How so, 1?

1: Think. Try Abraham and Sarah. They had this crazy dream about having a son. Wow, some son!

4: Even though the news made Sarah giggle a bit, they went straight out and strapped a baby seat on her camel.

2: But a pastor? I’m not sure I have what it takes.

3: Lucky for you God does. Remember Samson? Samson didn’t get his strength through a gym membership, it was simply by following God’s instructions.

5, in low voice: “Samson, stay away from the barbershop.”

4: Yes, or maybe like Jacob, I mean he wasn’t exactly prime material; he was a liar, thief, crook. He hustles his brother, cons his father, swindles his father-in-law. But God not only accepts Jacob, He put Jacob in a holy half-nelson wrestling-hold and blesses him!

2: So you are calling me a crook?

4: You know what I mean, 2.

2: I was kiddin’, 4. But it simply doesn’t compute!

5: It’s God’s grace, and if we could calculate it in advance then it wouldn’t be grace, now would it?

1: God’s ways are not our ways. Like I said, with God we expect the unexpected. And we accept, without excuse.

2: But I have these plans . .

4: Sounds like God has new plans in mind.

2: I had so many things all planned out, what I wanted to do . . .

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