Ununified Unity

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 8 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Philippians 4:2-3

division within the church, lack of harmony, need for unity, serve, serving
In this comedy Paul's representative is having trouble being understood:
Syzygus: Oh hi, Euodia, glad you could make it, come, sit down.
Euodia: Hello Syzygus, nice to see you. Heard from your partner, Paul, recently?
Syzygus: Matter of fact, just got a note from him, he is in prison you know. And actually that’s part of the reason I wanted to meet with the two of you.
Euodia: Because he is in jail you want to meet with me? Oh, I get it, you wanted to talk with me, me being the chair of PIPPY?
Syzygus: PIPPY?
Euodia: You know, our group, PIPPY, P-I-P-P-Y. Philippians in Protracted Prayer to Yahweh.
Syzygus: Oh right, PIPPY, very important group, and Paul asks that you continue to lift him up in prayer while he is in prison. But that’s not exactly the reason I wanted to meet with the two of you.
Euodia: Two? (looks around) Hate to break this to you but there is like . . . me . . . here.
Syzygus: Yes, but I also invited . . . . oh, here she is. Hello Syntyche, come on in, have a chair.

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