Walking On Water 101

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 8 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Genesis 14:25-33

The disciples are in a boat, discussing the amazing happenings at the feeding of the 5,000, when Peter gets some training on walking on water. He learns that faith and trust is everything. Jesus asks that we believe.

six actors, likely male although the ones designated as James and John could be women
Voice off Jesus off-stage
could be any number of non-speaking actors

Sample of script:

group move on stage, looking back off stage, most are excited, high fives, some a little upset

James: Now wasn’t that some party!

Andrew: You said it, guess no one will ever doubt the Teacher again, huh?

John: Five thousand people! All fed by a little basket of fish and bread!

Thomas: Hey, Andrew, where did you find that kid, what was in that food?

Judas: All I know is we lost an opportunity! Those people were hungry, they would have gladly paid for their meal, everyone would have been happy!

James: Especially you Judas! Anything that fills your purse makes you happy!

Judas: You guys have no concept of finance, do you? You just expect that food will automatically be there to fill your ample bellies!

Andrew: Come on Judas, it’s been an awesome day! So smile, enjoy!

John: Wasn’t that amazing? Everyone intent on every word the Teacher said, surely now is the time he will chose to take control of the nation.James: Not a man, woman or child would not follow him eagerly now.

Thomas: You are quiet Peter, it is unlike you. Not happy with the day?

Peter: What? Oh, yes, the day, it was fine.

Judas: Well, what then?

Peter: Well, it’s just that I wanted to be with the Teacher.

Andrew: He ordered us to get on the boat here, it was a clear instruction. So obviously it is what we must do.

Peter: But I wanted to be with him, to celebrate the victory of today.

James: You know he demands his private time, to meditate and pray.

Peter: Well, whatever, he told us to go over to the other side of the lake, so let’s get on with it.

all move into a small area on stage, sit on chairs, all except Judas mime rowing

James: Man, a really dark night!

Andrew: Well, no matter, the sun will be up before we get to the other side.

John: The wind is picking up.

Judas: Well, row harder, I don’t want to be out in the middle of the lake if a storm comes up.

Thomas: We should have known that it was too late to cross the lake, we should have waited until sunup.

Peter: It wasn’t our choice, the Teacher told us to go now.

James: That wind is getting vicious!

Judas: Use your strength on rowing, forget the complaining.

Andrew: Easy for you to say, Judas, I don’t see you rowing.

John: We are getting nowhere, the wind is tossing us around like a toy!

Thomas: Surely the Teacher would have known that this storm was coming, why would he order us out in such weather?

Peter: He will protect us, never fear Thomas.

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