What Feeds You

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 4:7-37

A call-in radio show is trying to find where we go when we want to be fed, and the answers aren't real. . . well . . . satisfying
Jesus is the only thing that will truly satisfy

Cast: 1M, 4 other male or female voices

Props: desk, telephone, pencil holder, etc

Costumes: modern dress

Setting: radio talk-show studio

Director’s tips: the callers can be seated in the front row or backstage with a hand-held microphone reading their lines. Timing is very important with pushing the buttons on the phone, and heading to the next caller. Very distinctive voices make this sketch very fun!

Sample of script:

(music playing – host is sitting at desk with headphones, phone, mic stand, pencils in a cup, etc)
(music fades)
Host: Ok, we’ll get back to that great music in about an hour. It’s time to open our phone lines for the question of the day. And the question is…What really feeds you in your time of need. I see lights going on already, so let’s go. Ok, you’re on the line with Steve here.
Caller 1: Am I on?
Host: Yes, what feeds you caller?
Caller 1: That’d hafta be bologna, Steve…or any of the cured meats.
Host: (A little discouraged) Thanks, line one…what I mean is where do you turn when you hunger and thirst?
Caller 2: That’s pretty simple, Steve-O. It’s definitely Hometown Buffet. I mean everything is included in one low price. And did you know they offer senior citizen discounts? What I do is start with dessert. I mean they have a gorgeous spread of cakes, cookies, ice cream…even some low fat stuff…
Host: Oh, my…had enough of her for a bit. (puts caller 2 on hold). Obviously I’m not being clear. You need some filling of your inner self…you’re empty…you need nourishment. Let’s go to line 3. What do you say caller?
Caller 3: Cheeses, Steve.
Host: JESUS??!!! Ok, now maybe we’re heading somewhere…
Caller 3: No, I said cheeses…asiago, gouda, cottage…

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