Begging Your Pardon

  • Cast Number: 7
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 19:12

An excuse for not living as God intended?


We all have excuses for every situation in life. What would be your excuse for not living the way God intended? Would you know what to say?


Keywords: pardon excuse justification begging


Cast: This drama involves seven speaking roles. The gender of each of the characters may be changed to suit your available actors.


Optional : If there are more people that wish to be involved, there are places for three more people, in non-speaking roles. There can be one extra person that can stand beside Jeff, Ted, and Phil, and each be the person they are addressing.


Sample of script:


Scene opens as actors enter stage left. First to enter should be Jeff, who will take his position at far stage right. Once in place, he will stand perfectly still with his head down until all the actors are in place. Next in line will be Erin, who goes to her spot beside Jeff. Ted, Mary, Phil, Kevin and Andrea enter as well, each following the same instructions. Once all the actors are in place, everyone freezes for a moment.

The spotlight comes up 100% on Jeff. As each of the actors speak, they address an imaginary person in the audience.

Another spotlight comes up 50% on Andrea and remains on Andrea through the entire drama. Andrea is the only one who listens and reacts to what the others are saying. All the other actors ignore other actors.


Jeff: Well, you see, this is the way things happened. I was going to get my homework done because I know how important homework is to a teacher like you. You know that all I want to do in life is to please you, so you would also know that nothing makes me happier than making you happy. Well, I guess I’d better cut to the chase about the tragedy that befell my A+ homework. Have you ever met my dog, Sparky?

Spotlight goes out on Jeff and comes up on Erin.

Erin: Late? Late? What are you talking about? You think I’m late? No, no, no! I really think that you should check your watch because I think it is you, mister, that is running late. Because . . . I . . . okay, okay! I am late! Are you happy I said it? Is it really my fault that all the cars driving today got together and decided to swarm around me and go 20 miles below the speed limit? And is it really my fault that all the traffic lights in this city are all timed wrong?

Spotlight goes down on Erin and comes up on Ted.

Ted: Who would have guessed it? I mean according to last year’s projections, our sales should be twice what we are at now. Twice! I don’t know what to make of it! I, myself, was responsible for purchasing this year and I know that there is no problem with the product, that’s for sure. You know where I think the problem lies? Marketing! Those guys down there are all a bunch of yahoos! And those turkeys in the shipping department don’t seem to know the meaning of the word ‘breakable’. If you ask me . . .


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