Who Do You Say I Am

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 16

Peter's challenge. The people in this drama are shown that when you have a true friend you never doubt their love, just as Jesus never doubted Peter's (the Rock) love.

Based on Matthew 16, where Jesus asks Simon Peter the question.

No special sets, lighting, sound or costuming

Two actors, (A & B), in see-through blindfolds, plus one actor (C) without blindfold.

Sample of script

C comes on stage stands looking out
A and B come on stage, feeling their way along, A bumps into C
A: Oops, who have we got here?
C: Who am I?
A: Yes, well, I can tell who you are. Let’s see, (measures height), bout 5’3” I’d say, so that means you cant be my dog or my cat.
C: You are right, I am neither.
A: Isn’t that what I just said? Now then . . . .
B: I know who it is . . . . .
A: . . . . don’t be silly, how could you possibly know, I mean . . . . .
C, to B: Who do you say I am?
A: I can’t let you do this, you are gonna look pretty foolish . . . OK, now, you can’t be my Aunt Tessie, cause Aunt Tessie just called from Nebraska. So, that means . . . . . . .
B: I said, I know this person! I happen to be very close to her. And it’s . . . .
B: Cousin Harmon has the gout right now, not out and about . . .
C: Do you know who I am?
A: Yes, truly I do, you are . . . . . .
A: Maybe Liza came back from Indianapolis . . . . No, she had this . . .
B: I know her voice, I know her by what she says . . .
A: As if . . . .
C: Then who do you say I am?

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