A-grazing Mace

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 27

a comedy with a different take on the old hymn. Could this be the way the wonderful old hymn came about? . . . . NOT!!!!
A skit based on a story seen on Internet, original author unknown. A takeoff on the hymn, “Amazing Grace”
Can be used as a Clowning script.

Cast: (can be any age)

Props - If possible make a large replica of a wrench, or locate the largest wrench you can find.

Sample of script:

Patti and Chris come on stage, Chris is carrying a large wrench.

Patti: What have you got there Chris?

Chris: This is my lucky wrench!

Patti: Lucky wrench? You’ve got to be kidding! How could a wrench be lucky?

Chris: Well actually it wasn’t so much the wrench. It was more my hound, Mace.

Patti: You’ve got a hound called Mace?

Chris: Yup!

Patti: You mean someone would actually name a dog, “Mace”?

Chris: Yup! But Mace is no dog, he’s a hound!

Patti: What’s with you? A hound is a dog!

Chris: No, a German Shepherd is a dog. A Newfoundland dog is a dog. But a hound, (makes hand gestures to indicate big), is a . . . hound!

Patti: You mean, he’s a big dog?

Chris: No, Mace is a, (again makes a hand gesture for big), hound!

Patti: I don’t understand! How would your hound get to be so big?

Chris: Probably the 350 pounds of hamburger every day would do it!

Patti: Your dog eats 350 pounds of hamburger every day?

Chris: Yup! And then there’s the 14 acres of grass Mace eats down.

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