All For None

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 8 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Colossians 2:2

A mother tries to teach her three grown daughters that unity is important in a family and in a church, a comedy

Theme: Unity

Roxy - early twenties, rather 'trendy', energetic. Fashionable and loud clothing.
Sharon - early thirties, contemporary. Regular clothing.
Beth - early forties, extremely plain and traditional. Old fashioned clothing.
Mother - mid sixties to seventies, loves all three daughters and just wants to see them work together.

Sample of script:

Mother is sitting as she speaks to her daughters. Roxy and Sharon are sitting at either side of their Mother. Beth is standing in behind Mother.
It is clear that the daughters are so very different from each other that they really don't get along. However, the one thing they have in common is that they love their Mother very much and would do anything for her.

Beth Can I get you a pillow for your back, Mother?

Mother (lovingly.) No thank you dear, I'm fine.

Sharon (looking at watch.) What time is it? (Concerned.) Mom, have you taken your pills, yet? I know the one tastes awful, but the others aren't too bad!

Mother (lovingly.) Right after I speak to you girls,

Roxy (curious.) So what's this meetin' all about, Ma? We usually don't come here all together like this.

Mother Well, first of all, I want to thank you for coming. You three are always so prepared to drop everything to come and see me. You've got so many demands on you now - Beth, you are so busy with your book store and literature career now . . .

Beth (interrupting) Uh, Mother. I count the number of words in old encyclopedias at the library.

Mother (leaning toward Beth and putting her hand on her arm.) I know dear, I thought it sounded more exciting the way I said it! (Pauses and turns to Sharon.) And Sharon, those children always seem to keep you on the run with soccer practice, ballet class and band rehearsals! Where do you find the time to breathe?!

Sharon Oh, Mom. You know that no matter how busy I get, I'll always have time for you.

Mother You're so sweet. (Pauses and looks at Roxy.) And my dear Roxy. (Pauses.) Roxy . . . Roxy . . . Roxy. You're so busy with, with . . . just what exactly do you do, dear?

Roxy (slightly hurt.) Oh Ma! You know I don't like to limit my talents by having my creativity stifled by one career placement!

Mother I beg your pardon dear?

Beth She's saying that she can't hold a job! She holds the record for having the shortest employment at McDonald's - 27 minutes!

Roxy (getting defensive.) It wasn't that I was being unreasonable! It's just that I wasn't able to properly express my personality through my hair while I was wearing that visor! (Quietly.) Unfortunately, the manager didn't completely agree with my need for self-expression, and he recommended that I spend a period of time away from their establishment. (Looks at other women who are all staring in disbelief at her. Roxy then quickly tries to sound positive.) Well it's not like I can't ever go back there! (Quietly.) I just have to wait 43 years or so.

Mother (smiling.) Oh, Roxy! You always were my outspoken one! Don't worry, I know God has a special plan for each of you. I've often worried about you girls. I worry that if I'm not around to keep you all together, will you all go your separate ways?

Sharon Mom! Don't talk like that! You shouldn't worry about dying!

Mother Oh I'm not worried about dying, I've got a heavenly home waiting for me! But I am worried about you girls. I know you are quite spread out in ages, and your personalities are as different as night and day, but I really must know that you will always remain close.

Roxy (looking at her sisters, very puzzled.) Sure, Ma. Of course.

Beth Whatever you want, Mother.

Mother (smiling.) Thank you girls. I do believe you will do as I ask, but I want to ask you something. (Looking suspicious.) I need you to paint my livingroom - together.

Sharon You want us to paint your livingroom?

Mother (raising her finger.) Together!

Beth Why exactly do you want your livingroom painted? You've got crisp, plain white walls already!

Mother I'd like a bit of a change. But I want you girls to work all together on this - at the same time.

Roxy (excited.) Cool! This could be fun! What colours do you want?

Beth (looking at Roxy.) Colours?

Mother (smiling.) Whatever you girls want! I'm giving you free reign to decide for yourselves how my livingroom should be painted.

Sharon But Mom, you know we'll never agree on anything! There'll be no unity in the room! We can't do this!

Mother (being very sneaky and coy.) Okay. I'll do it myself. (Sigh.) Maybe I should get one those remote beepers to wear around my neck so that when I fall off the ladder, the ambulance

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