Becoming A Woman of God

  • Cast Number: 8
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 15:16-17

A comedy speaks of what it takes to be a woman of God.
Drama involves two main women as well as 5-7 ‘crowd’ women, of any age. They have gathered for a meeting, therefore should be quite excited about getting together. All women are standing in a group except for the main speaker, she would be at the front, facing the group.

Sample of script:

Scene opens as women are making a lot of noise, ‘hooting’ and ‘hollering’ their excitement. The leader, Margaret, is trying to bring some order to the crowd.

Margaret Ladies, ladies, please calm down for one minute! I know we are all excited to be here. After all, this is our very first meeting together, but we have to make some announcements about how our group will be conducted. Looks like the gal who was supposed to be running the meeting is going to be late, so I’ll start off.

Crowd Noise Yahoo! Our first meeting! Hooray! We made it here!

Margaret Okay, okay! I’m going to need you all to keep your cheering to a minimum while I go over the official specifications and achievements that you each must meet before you can become an official member.

Crowd Noise Bring them on! We can do it! Yipee!

Margaret Now – here goes. (Clearing her throat.) Welcome, ladies, to our first annual meeting of (slowly and emphasizing each word) Becoming Women of Cod.

brief moment of silence before crowd reacts to let audience absorb what has been said.

Crowd Noise Yahoo, Women of Cod!! We want to be Women of Cod!! Yipee!

Margaret So, in order for us all to be Women of Cod, there are a few qualifications that each of you has to meet. (Starts reading off her sheet.) Qualification number one – you must catch a cod weighing at least 3.5 pounds and measuring at least 27 inches in length. (Pauses for a moment, while crowd nods their heads in agreement.) Rule number two – you must carry with you at all times a pair of olympic standard regulation hip-waders. (Pauses.) Rule number three – you must keep up with your weekly dues or you will be forced to walk the plank.
(Margaret pauses for a moment while crowd is silent in shock. She then has a big smile break out on her face and says, )
Oh, just kiddin’ you! Just a little fish humor, that’s all. (Once she sees that the crowd isn’t laughing, she returns to business.) Okay then, rule number four – you must make a financial commitment before you are given your golden hook. (Crowd ooh’s and aah’s.) Rule number five – your IQ must be at least 199. (As crowd agrees, one woman steps out from the crowd, snaps her fingers in disappointment, and walks off stage.) (Margaret looks at woman walking away.) Unfortunately, people like that have to be weeded out, ladies.
Back to business, rule number six – everyone must weigh at least . . .

(Margaret gets interrupted by Shannon, who has just walked into the meeting.)

Shannon Hello, everyone! I’m glad to see you all here today! It’s just so exciting to know each one of you has the desire to become women of God!

Margaret Look, you’re late. We’ve already started the meeting, so if you could . . . (stops in mid-sentence as she realizes what Shannon just said.) Wait a minute. What did you say? Women of what?

Shannon Well, women of God, of course! What else would everyone be doing here? By the way, why does it smell like canned salmon in here?

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