Turkeys Delight

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 4 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 26:41
Turkeys Delight (a play on Turkish Delight) is that which entices people and sucks them in and traps them in sin ... it's like the love of chocolate. You keep eating it because it taste so good and satisfies ...but then you become sick from too much ... and become addicted to it. In the Narnia movie it's how the White Witch draws Edmond into her clutches and he betrays his brother and sisters. He wants the Turkish Delight so much he is willing to disclose where they are so the White Witch can catch and kill them.

Props: candy bars a large cardboard box

Sample of script:

Chris and Tracy come on stage, Tracy is happy, excited, holding up a bar.

Tracy: I tell you, everyone will fall for it! Like it says on the package, “fortified with 18 vitamins and energezic carobainds.”

Chris: “Energezic carobainds”? Never heard of that.

Tracy: No one has. Thank our Marketing department, they are inventive.Chris: And the 18 vitamins?

Tracy: We figured sugar, syrup and chocolate was close enough.

Chris: Careful, the FDA could have a field day with this.

Tracy: Tell you what Chris, let Legal worry about that.

Chris: But, the name, “Turkaise Delight”! Folks will think it’s Turkish Delight.

Tracy, mocks thinking: Let’s see, and there is a downside to this, right?

Chris: Folks at Turkish Delight will go ballistic!

Tracy: Forget it! We harvest the suckers here for a bit, then move on.

Chris: Well, I got my doubts.

Mark comes on stage.

Tracy, pointing at Mark: See the guy over there? Watch me talk him into Turkaise Delight.

Chris: Looks too smart to fall for that.

Tracy: Chris old friend, watch the master at work!

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