Truth is Strength

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Joshua 1:1-9

Captain Ordinary, the guy who is not a super hero, “just a standard hero,” and his friend “Batboy” (not to be be confused with Batman or Robin), prove that real strength means relying on God to do what He wants you to do even when it is difficult. (Even telling the truth even when you know you may get in trouble)
This is one of a three part series, also see “Standard Heroes” and “Salvation Through Submission”

Cast: 4 m or f, can be played by any age but meant to be teens

Sample of script:

Batboy is standing on stage, very glum, Tanya and Mel come on stage

Tanya: Oh there you are Batboy, was looking all over for to find you, introduce you to my friend Mel.

Mel: You have no idea how much I have been looking forward to meeting you Batboy. All I have heard all day is how awesome you are, and CO too.

Batboy: Awesome? Yah, right!

Mel: Tanya told me how she was like way down in the dumps, all upset and unhappy, and you guys got her to praying and how all the problems were like looked after. Needless to say I am amazed and impressed.

Tanya: Like I told you Mel, CO and Batboy are outta this world!

Mel: Never did ask you, what does CO stand for?

Tanya: Captain Ordinary.

Mel: Ordinary? These guys don’t sound at all ordinary to me.

Tanya: Well, CO told me that there’s no problem being ordinary ‘cause they have a very extraordinary God.

Mel: Wow, sounds cool. I suppose you guys just are bubbly and real happy all the time, right?

Batboy: Don’t you see me bubbling over right now? (big sigh)

Mel: Hey listen, I told my mom I would call and let her know where I was, she always worries when I don’t check in. I will be back in just a minute.

Mel goes off stage

Tanya: I can’t help noticing, it seems there’s something wrong Batboy.

Batboy: Oh, yeh! Something real wrong is what.

Tanya: Well, did you talk to God about it?

Batboy: No, actually, I am, like, kinda embarrassed actually.

Tanya, frowns, thinking: Oh so, what you are saying, God doesn’t like listen to you if you are embarrassed?

Batboy: Noooooooooo! But it’s just that, well, it's a long story.

Tanya: I have to tell ya, I have nothing but time, why don’t you tell me about it?

Batboy: Well, it's just that I really messed up. Like I told you, I am batboy for our baseball team, the Glue Guys. But I would like to work my way up in the team, maybe someday even get to play. So when the lady that washes our team uniforms got sick, I picked up all the uniforms from the clubhouse, took them home and washed them. I figured that everybody would be so impressed that surely they would ask me to play.

Tanya: Good for you Batboy!

Batboy: Bad for me is what!

Tanya: How so?

Batboy: Well I didn’t look at the labels when I put the uniforms in the washing machine. And I used real hot water ‘cause I thought that would get them really clean. Turns out they are supposed to be washed in cold water so they don’t shrink.

Tanya: Oooopppsss! And they came out kinda . . .

Batboy: Put it this way, if you hear of any kindergarten baseball team looking for uniforms I got a real deal for them!

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