Win the Race - Telling Others

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Acts 1:8

Winning the race with God’s grace.
A segment of the 5 part drama, designed for VBS or children’s camp, uses the theme of car racing to focus on finding your purpose in life.
This segment focuses on telling others about Jesus.
Five racers, (Andi Airhead, Randy Ratchet, Ted Tirechanger, Wendy Wrench, Trudy Treadwear), are joined by a racer wannabe, singer Laps the Racer. The result is silliness with a message.

Sample of script:

Fifth Segment (Finale): Finding your purpose in the race by telling other about Jesus

all actors except Laps come on stage

Andi: You know, we have really found a bunch of ways of making car racing better, and more exciting.

Randy: We sure have, I have never seen all the racers so pumped about car racing!

Ted: I know what you are saying Randy . . from the youngest to the oldest racers, everyone feels really good about racing.

Wendy: You know, I can’t remember a time when things looked so good for the future of car racing.

Trudy: Well, I kinda agree, but thing is, in order to have a future we need new racers, and we seem to only have the same racers as before.

Laps, comes on stage, singing, strumming guitar:

Andi: Well, there is Laps.

Ted: Well, things can’t all be positive.

Laps, sings:

Oh they call me a racer
I bin racin' long time
It’s for sure I'm a legend Only in my own mind.
Oh I race when I’m able
And I help when I can
I am proud to be racing
And I’m part of the plan
So if you are a racer
Or your wantin’ to be
Just remember us racers Know it don’t come for free

Laps moves to extreme upstage position, continues to sing in mime, (no sound is heard), while the other actors talk

Randy: You gotta say this much for him, Laps is for sure telling folks about racing.

Andi: He sure is, and he is not one bit hesitant about who he tells either.

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