Church ABC Lesson

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 16:18

Celebrating, (with some humour), the incredible ministries of the African-American churches over the years, a very proud tradition.Ladies in the church discuss how the church denomination’s abbreviated names, (such as AME and COGIC), are just a matter of ABC’s.

3 (likely female, 2 older, 1 likely late teen or early 20’s)

Sample of script:

Louise is on stage, looking at her watch impatiently, Rosella comes on stage

Louise: Finally! I have been waiting for you for, (checks watch), likely near on to twenty minutes Rosella Jones!

Rosella: Twenty minutes? . . Whatever are you saying Louise Smith! . . Fifteen minutes ago I was talking with you on the phone and you hadn’t even left home yet!

Louise: Rosella you have a memory for time that's nearly as bad as your habit of being late for every church meeting that ever was called!

Rosella: Whatever!

Clarice comes on stage

Louise: Here’s Clarice, Clarice you go ahead and tell Roselle here that both of you are, (checks watch), nearly twenty-five minutes late for this!

Clarice: Twenty-five minutes ago? . . (checks her watch) . . My notes said the meeting was to start . . right now actually.

Louise: How long have you been working as the secretary here at the church Clarice?

Clarice: Just a week now and I am . .

Louise: Well Clarice, you must learn that all meetings start promptly at the top of the hour.

Clarice, looks at her watch:
But . . Mrs. Smith . .

Louise: Call me Louise dear . .

Clarice: Well, . .Louise . . it is the top of the hour.

Louise: Important that you are always punctual Clarice dear, I am not one to tell people what to do but . . best buy a dependable timepiece dear.

Clarice: Uhhhhh . . OK, I will . .look into . .

Louise: So what time is it then?

Clarice, looks at watch:
Uh, five past . .

Louise: Which all just goes to prove my point, the both of you girls are late for this meeting!

Rosella: Maybe if we were to get started with the meeting rather than going on about needless chatter, maybe we would get somewhere, do you think?

Louise: That’s the trouble with the younger generation, no sense of being on time.

Rosella: Younger generation? . . Louise Smith! . . . You know full well that I am eight months younger than you. . . That hardly makes you the sage old lady here, now does it?

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