Waiting (Im)Patiently

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 8 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Psalm 145:15-16

Three old friends meet and remember how things were, how things are now, and how their prayers apparently have not been answered.

Bible Reference:         Psalm 145:15-16


Cast:                3 (females, 20’s or 30’s)
Sara (single)
Christy (childless)
Amy (aimless)


Set:                blank


Lighting:       one or more spotlights will be useful


Sound, Costumes:       standard


Time:             8


Sample of script:           


Amy, Sara and Christy come on stage


Sara:                So on the way back from the show in Rome I stopped off for the weekend in Paris.


Christy:           Shut up! . . . How lucky are you? . .  Paris . . wow! . .  Closest I ever came to Paris was Paris, Kentucky. . .  And my guess is you are not talking about Kentucky.


Sara:                No, Christy, this actually was the Paris, France kinda Paris.


Christy:           You make me sick Sara! . . Jetting all over the world, being interviewed on international TV. . . . You do have it made!


Sara:                It’s a job . . that’s all.


Christy:           Yah right! . .  Some awesome job! . .  Meanwhile I labor for the master down at the bookstore, and when 5 o’clock comes I come home to mopping the floors, doing laundry and slaving over a hot stove.


Sara:                At least you have someone there when you get home. How is that gorgeous hunk of a man you married?


Christy:           Roger is OK . .  He’s good, I mean, he’s real good.


Sara:                How dumb was I to allow you to grab Roger. . . He is some man, I envy you.


Christy:           Well, we have a good marriage . . It’s good, real good actually.


Sara:                You are quiet Amy, not like you . . .


Amy, smiles:    Sorry, just listening to you two bantering back and forth. . . Reminds me of when we were kids . . in church youth group . . .


Christy:           Those were good times . . friends . . . always something to do.


Sara:                You were always the ringleader Amy. . . Where did you come up with the goofy ideas for fun things for the group to do?


Christy:           So sorry, Amy, to hear things didn’t work out between you and Mark.


Amy:               Thanks Christy, guess our marriage wasn’t meant to be . . . you and Roger are the lucky ones.


Christy, thinks:            Lucky? . . . I guess you could say . . . .


Christy takes step forward, Amy and Sara look downward, freeze, spotlight tight on Christy


Christy:           Me? . .  Lucky? . . . If they only knew . .
Oh I am lucky I guess . . A good marriage mostly. . . A great husband . . Roger is the love of my life, always has been, always will be, and I know he loves me.
So . . I thank God every day for my marriage.
And I have a great job . . nothing special, just a little over minimum wage. .  I’m a cashier at a bookstore downtown,  . .  But it’s good, I mean, meeting lots of nice people . .  keeping my mind active with new thoughts . .
It’s just that . .
Roger and I . .  so very much . . want a baby.
We have tried everything . .  and no baby . .
Roger is so supportive, never a word but . .  I know how disappointed he is . . how much pressure he feels from his family. . .
Roger’s an only child . . and in his family having a son to carry on the family name is very important . .
We have suggested adoption and his family . . . well, they don’t seem too excited . .
(pauses, looks upward in torment)
Millions of prayers . . . and still no answer . . .
Oh God! . . . I have so much . . I am so blessed . . .
But . . . please God . .


Christy steps back, shakes her head, others unfreeze


Christy:           But what about you Sara? . .  You have it all . . you are the lucky one.


Sara:                Yikes! . . . You call living out of a suitcase lucky? . . . Try it for a bit, you may change your mind . . .


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